Australia is an attractive country popular for its beaches, islands and desert lands. All these features make Australia a desirable destination for those taking a vacation. With its richness in culture, Australia attracts millions of people every year from all over the globe. For the lovers of adventure, activities like cycling, mountaineering and even trekking can all be done here. For the sightseers and the travellers, the country ideally has plenty of sites that will offer various wonders and delights for you to explore. The country is also ideal for honeymoon couples because of its attractive beaches, great restaurants, amazing nightlife and beautiful charming locations. This puts Australia on top of your list if you’re planning for a holiday vacation full of adventure. To help you in that I have listed the top 8 amazing places you should visit the next time you travel to Australia.

1. Sydney

Sydney is considered to be major entry point for most people. For those of you who have gone to Australia and did not see Sydney, it’s like visiting England but not seeing London or going to Germany and not having a beer. Being the capital city of the New South Wales, the city offers many interesting locations that are worth the visit such as the Opera house (a magnificent masterpiece constructed by a Danish architect, which today hosts over 1,500 performances each year), the Darling harbour, Museums and the zoo plus the beach of Mainly found in the other side of the bay. You can also get to have a complete 360 degrees view of the city from the top of the Sydney tower. For the night lovers, Sydney should be a must as the city has one of the most active nightlife’s in the country.

2. The Gold Coast

Located in South East Queensland, Victoria, the gold cost is a major tourist destination in Australia. It is popular for having various entertainment lines for tourists. If you are in need of a luxurious holiday in Australia, then gold coast is the perfect place. With an incredible range of attractions, fancy restaurants, shopping malls and beautiful beaches, the place will satisfy your luxury need. The attractive beaches are also perfect for beach lovers and surfers. Also the surrounding theme parks, National parks with many waterfalls and the mountains should not be missed.

Top 8 Amazing Places To Visit Australia

3. Grampians National Park

Commonly known as the Grampians, the National park is found in Grampians region, Victoria Australia. The park is 646 sq. miles with rich ingenious rock art and a host of ridges that are lowly angled. The park is famous for its beauty and its impressiveness and splendour in appearance. For those who love hiking, this is a perfect destination which also promises a great adventure.

4. The Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, the road is supposedly the most scenic drives of all time. With the panoramic view of the cliffs and oceans, the 150 mile drive will leave you with the most memorable scenes in your life. There are also plenty of beaches which you can stop by and swim or relax during the drive.

5. Kakadu National park

This is the largest national park where tourists come to see some of the rarest wild animals. Visitors can also get to enjoy hiking in the park.

6. Kangaroo Island

Being secluded away from civilization, it is a place where you can enjoy seeing Aussie animals in their natural habitat.

7. The Great Barrier Reef

It is the largest coral reef in the world, stretching over 132,973 sq. miles with 900 Islands. The coral reef beauty is what attracts most tourists.

8. The Ayers Rocks

Found in the heart of Australia, this rock monolith is the biggest in the world. It is also known as the Uluru. The rock is surrounded by deserts and if you’re going to visit Australia, then the magical Uluru is a must as well.

With these amazing sites to visit, then your vacation will surely be magical and unforgettable as well. When applying for an Australian visa do not forget to check whether your country is eligible for the ETA, if not apply for a tourist Australian visa in the Australian diplomatic office.