Abdominoplasty or Liposuction, commonly known as Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of loose abdominal skin and fat tissues together with tightening of the abdominal muscles.

Anyone who is healthy and has got excessive and sagging skin around their abdomen disturbing the body contour  are qualified for a tummy tuck. There’s no age limit. But people with severe health problems can back off. Positivity and realistic idea about the end result is all what you need to qualify for this surgery. Further surgeons advise women to undergo this surgery after child bearing as drastic changes follows after pregnancy and childbirth.

Tummy tuck is performed by making an incision above the pubic region through which the skin and muscles are pulled and tightened using sutures. Along with this the fat cells are sucked out from the area which is very important as each fat cell are able to store more fat by increasing its size by 50%. Your navel position remains unchanged .In addition, with this procedure the stretch marks commonly seen after childbirth or due to obesity can be either partially removed or flattened and improved.

How Much Weight Can You Lose By Tummy Tuck?

The reason you lose weight after tummy tuck is explained by various studies:

1. Because of the Double tightening – 0f your skin and your abdominal muscles. To get a clear picture of this statement we first need to know the Hunger mechanism. Hunger is managed in two ways. One is chemical, which involves lowering of your blood glucose which makes you hungry and you eat. The other is mechanical, when your stomach is empty and starts contracting sending brain signals that “I’m empty- fill me up”. As a result of tightening your muscles, the pressure over your stomach is increased which in turn sends a “full feeling” to your brain, fooling it and thus bringing out a control over your hunger.

2. Increased satiety is an important contributor to maintain weight loss. Possibilities of neuroendocrine involvement is evident with this procedure. It’s been hypothesized that the endocrine system is responsible for the increase in satiety seen after this procedure. Fat cells in our abdomen are related with certain hormones which control our appetite, thus their removal causes significant reduction in these hormones and thus brings about appetite control.

Patients typically do not lose much weight as a result of tummy tuck procedure, but the real difference is in their size and contour. With The Tummy Tuck procedure you can lose your weight anywhere from 5-10% of the total weight you have lost.

Tummy Tuck will enhance the contour of your body by creating a flatter and firmer stomach and will make you feel more comfortable and guilt-free – The satisfaction you experience – the new ability to wear a fitting dress, to tuck in a shirt or swim-suit with confidence – A transformation.

Tummy tuck causes minimal complications and lasts for years till there is a significant change as extreme weight or weight loss, or pregnancy.