Finally, that scary time of the year is coming and you must be really anxious! Yes, you are right. I am talking about Halloween. This is one event we really look forward to and many of us prefer throwing a party on this “spooky” day. But, if you are thinking about throwing a Halloween party at your house, then I would ask you to refrain from doing that idea. Trust me, the “after-party” chores will make you regret about throwing the party in the first place. Instead, why don’t you simply hire a spacious venue in the heart of the city? Worried about the cost? Well, then let me tell you that there are many affordable banquet halls out there that can offer you all the facilities and that too, within your budget.

Top 5 Tips For Throwing A “Spook-tacular” Halloween Party

If you take some time out and search online, you will definitely come across many holiday party venues in Houston TX, where you can throw this party. But yes, you need to be a little careful while choosing one, so that there are no issues later on. To know more about this, read the rest of the blog.

  • Scary Decoration– Well, we all know that decoration plays a huge role in a Halloween party. However, the level of “spookiness” would completely depend on the age group you are inviting. Scary Halloween lights, a “Dare to Enter” corner, one or two skeletons resting on chairs, scare crows, decorating raven crows, cauldrons with red mocktail are some of the elements which you must incorporate. For the maximum curb (read: disturbing) appeal, plan in advance. However, talk to the management team of the Private Party Venues in Houston, TX before finalizing on one place. Also, make it a point that the centerpieces, table linen, chair covers and other decorative elements also go well with the theme.
  • Food –We all know the importance of finger-licking food in any kind of party. So, no compromise here. If you ask me, then I would tell you to keep a lot of finger foods and a fresh fruit table. And if you want a full-course menu, Mexican cuisine would be great for a Halloween party. If you are on a strict budget and do not want to sponsor for the drinks of the invitees, then book a hall that allows BYOB, that is “Bring Your Own Bottle”. In this way, you will not only be able to save your bucks, but your guests would be allowed to savor the liquor they love the most. And, make sure that you inform them about this a few days in advance, when you will be sending out the invitations.
  • Entertainment –How can you forget about entertainment? Dance and music is a “must”! And what about some “ghostly” tracks? Sounds fun, right? The best part is that most of you would take time to recognize each other while you will be grooving on the dance floor and trust me, it would be great fun. While searching for holiday party venues in Houston, TX, make sure you go through the “entertainment” section mentioned on their website in details. Compare, before you decide on one.
  • Security –Last but not at all the least, security is a major factor when you are throwing a Halloween party. It is always advisable that you only book a venue that has trained security guards in their team, who can ensure the smooth running of your event.
  • Photography –You would love to cherish the moments spent together on this day. While one of your friends would be dressed as a vampire, your cousin might turn up dressing as a witch; and trust me, all of these would be worth capturing. Thus, hire a venue that provides photography services.

Now that you know how to throw a “spook-tacular” Halloween party, don’t delay any further. Start prepping up, and petrify your guests in style!

Author Bio: Mike Geller is the owner of a banquet hall and a regular blogger on Holiday party venues Houston, TX. To know about throwing Halloween parties at private party venues in Houston TX, read his blogs.