If you are tired of the boring life that you lead everyday, it is time to look for something lively; something that will bring excitement into your life. You should begin by looking for the famous running man eng sub, which was launched into the market in the month of June

Every one says that they are hooked to the famous running man. The show is associated with South Korea, and you will find exciting characters that have it all together.  Further, the show is truly amazing as you see the city action race intertwined with variety display.

Spice Your Life Up By Watching The Running Man

In the incredible running man show, both the cast and the guests have special missions to accomplish in varied places. The tasks are very simple and interesting. You could find simple missions such as guessing a certain game or video game. However, there are difficult tasks such as skipping off a tower.

As every episode unfolds, you will surely get some an amazing experience. There are crazy acts that bring life into your world, and they are coupled with commentaries that are out of this world. As we stand now, more than 175 episodes have aired, and every one of them have not been disappointing.

The Cast

There are many characters that you will get to interact with in the running man. These are:

  • Yoo Joe Suk

This is the main host of this show, and he doubles up as a stand up comedian and a TV personality.

  • Gary

He is the artists in this show, who has many names such as Gaecolas crate or the relaxing Gary.

  • Ha Ha

This is a renowned comedian and an actor, and he has similar character with Pororo. As such, he is also referred to as Hororo.

  • Ji Suk

This is the oldest person in this show, and he is both a comedian and a friend to Yoo Jae Suk. He is also thought to be uncomplicated challenger.

  • h3b>A Monikor of shelter Kwand Soo

This is one of the poorest opponents in the show. He is also known as giraffe due to his similarities with type’s Navis of the Avatar movies.

  • Song Ji Hyo

This is the only woman in this show, and she stands as a smart contestant.

When every episode begins, the members are kept in a certain landmark known as Seoul. Normally, they are locked at night and will carry the film the following morning. The manner in which every display is done will attract you even if you are not necessarily a Korean language or country fun.

No Chances of Getting Bored

In the recently released episodes, there are fewer guests in this show. Still, the tasks have kept changing with time. This is essentially so to ensure that there is no time for you to get bored due to the monotony that is found in other shows. The themes are also made very special for every episode.

The ability of the characters to come up with their own unique ways of bringing excitement into the show makes this game irresistible to watch. Characters such as Ji Hyo and Jae Suk are interesting, and many people know them to be the toughest in the game. Jong Kook is elegant, while Ji Hyo is very funny. When all these characters come together in the show, you will surely be excited.

Many people are thrilled by this particular race video game because of its ability to bring the strengths and tough experience that everyone needs. Further, even though there is a woman in the cast of this show, the game cannot be said to be mild or weak as many people would expect.

When all is said and done, you must go online and watch running man eng sub. Many people from all walks of life have posted reviews to praise the show, and have confessed that they are absolutely addicted to it.  Ultimately, this exciting, rib cracking and excellent show will make your life spiced up this season.