There are many people that enjoy taking a beach holiday. They feel that the sea and sand are very relaxing and many children also enjoy the beach as there is plenty to do with making sandcastles, digging holes and exploring. There are many beaches to choose from and this top 5 list of beach attractions should help you to know what to look out for and therefore how to pick the most suitable beach for you.

  • Sand:

    Never assume that any beach that you will be on will have miles of golden sand. There are a lot of beaches with shingle or pebbles. There are also beaches with red sand and black sand. If you have children who like to play in the sand, then you need to be sure that is what you are getting. You will also need to consider this if you like walking barefoot as shingle and pebbles can be sore on the feet. The colour of the sand may or may not be important depending on whether you enjoy the contrast of blue sky and sea with golden sand or whether you do not mind.

  • Sunbeds:

    There are some beaches that come with sunbeds that you can lie on. These can be really useful as it means that you will be able to sunbathe and relax comfortably. There are other beaches where you will need to take your own loungers and this is not always convenient or even possible.

  • CleanWater:

    If you enjoy paddling or swimming in the sea, then the cleanliness of the water will be really important to you. You do not want to swallow polluted water and you may not even like the idea of it touching your skin. You should be able to find out about the quality of the water as many beaches have a rating.

  • Blue Skies:

    Many people do expect their beach holidays to be full of blue skies. This may be difficult if you are in a country where the weather is not guaranteed to be good. Therefore make sure that you check out the local weather and see what it normally does at the time of the year that you intend to visit. You can never guarantee the weather, but you can increase eyour odds of it being good.

  • Activities:

    If you like some excitement on the beach, then you will need to find one that has a selection of activities that you can try. You may like boat rides, water skiing, jet skiing or many other different things available to try. Some beaches will have plenty of things to join in with and others will be peaceful and relaxing, so make sure that you choose the right one for you.

Sarah McPherson often writes on behalf of the One Mile Beach Holiday Park which is located in NSW Australian. The One Mile Beach holiday Park is a Port Stephens Accommodation provider ideally located right next to the beach.