The summer months of June, July and August are a notorious time for travelers to hit the road and the sky for a vacation. However, early autumn is a little-known time to travel that boasts perks like more bearable temperatures and less crowds. Here are some excellent travel destinations for a September getaway.

1. Europe

By September, the summer tourist season is dying down or dead in most of Europe. The locals are also coming back from their own vacations and are ready to get back to their normal ways of life. This means that restaurants and shops reopen, and you’ll have more space to take everything in. Prices for flights to European countries drop due to the end of the tourist season, and once you arrive, you’ll notice hotels are far more affordable than they were just a month prior.

A European vacation in September will allow you to save money and take in more of the normal day-to-day of the residents versus spending premiums to be just another tourist surrounded by many others.

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2. Asia

If you head to Asia in September, you’ll be able to miss peak tourism seasons everywhere, but not by enough that you’ll miss out on tourist attractions. If you head to China or Japan, you’ll have missed the worst of the heat and humidity. The weather will be fantastic, and all tourist attractions will still be open. In mainland Southeast Asia, you’ll be early to the tourist season, which means everything will be ready to go, but you’ll get to avoid the impending crowds who will be there in about a month. September is an excellent time to visit any Asian location. Prices will be lower, as well.

3. Africa

By September, Eastern, Central and Western Africa is out of its blistering hot and dry season, but isn’t into its rainy wet season yet. This is the perfect time to take a safari and get out there and explore the active wildlife. South Africa is heading into springtime in September, so wildlife here, too, is active and the landscape is in bloom.

4. Florida

If you’re taking a late vacation and aren’t ready to part with the summer heat, a Florida vacation is a perfect choice for you. In September, Florida cools down during the evenings but the days remain sunny and warm. Most of the crowds and tourists subside and lines at amusement parks are significantly shorter than during the peak summer months. To welcome the lower temperatures, festivals and fairs spring up all throughout the state.

There are lots of things to do year round in Florida, and September is a great time to experience them. Check out this September Florida travel calendar for more information.


5. Australia and New Zealand

In September, Australia and New Zealand are starting to quickly come out of their winter season. You’ll get to experience a beautiful springtime here with some of the remaining perks of the end of winter. The weather will be warm enough for hiking, but the snow will still remain for the skiers. Springtime is always a beautiful time of the year, wherever you are, and Australia and New Zealand are no exception.

kangaroo in sunset in Australia

September is a great month to plan a vacation. If you’re looking to travel with great weather, low crowds and fantastic savings, plan a vacation during September to one of these fantastic destinations.

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Sara Pegarella is a freelance writer located in Philadelphia, PA. She is a frequent contributor to Vacation Rental Pros.