The length of your holiday, you may think, is determined by the length of time that you can take off work. However, it is worth thinking harder about this because you may find that you will be better off having several smaller breaks or by having one really long holiday.

  • Weekends Away:

    A weekend away can be a great opportunity to take a break between two weeks of work. It can be good to change your routine and go somewhere else to experience something new. Maybe some time in a hotel will give you a break from everything for a change or staying with a friend will give you some fun. However, you will not be able to go that far as you will not want to spend your whole weekend travelling. You also will not have long to discover the area or do anything. It does depend what you want to get out of your break – it could be just the relaxing experience that you need or it could be a big rush, trying to fit in as much as possible.

  • Short Breaks:

    A short break tends to last 3-5 days. This can give you a bit more time and means that you may be able to fit it in to a long weekend, without having to take a whole week off work. It could be something that could be done over a bank holiday weekend. It can be a good way to fit in a small break without using up any annual leave, but it may not leave you long enough to get to far away destinations and to fully explore an area.

  • A Week Away:

    Most people tend to take a week for their holiday. This is because it gives you enough time to be able to travel a fair distance and also to be able to fit in a selection of activities and time to wind down and relax. It can also keep the price down, to not be on holiday for any longer.

  • A Fortnight Or More:

    If you are travelling half way across the world, doing a world tour, a cruise or something like that, then you will need a more significant amount of time. If you are spending a lot of money on travelling, then you will want to be in your destination for a long time, so that you can make the most of it. It can give you lots of chance to fit in a lot of activities, relax and explore a new place.

The length of your holiday may be determined by cost and how much time you can take off work, but it is worth being open minded about how much time you want to spend on holiday as you can open up new opportunities.

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