Driving around semi-trucks and other large vehicles can be a challenge, if not a danger to other road users. But because these 18-wheelers play an important economic role, it is a necessity society has to bear and compromise around. Here are six safety tips for drivers of regular vehicles on how to share the road with these automotive behemoths.

Take No Risk

Even if it proves to be an inconvenience, do not take your chances when driving around large vehicles. When a truck is about to change lanes, a driver’s first instinct is to speed up and close the gap so they don’t get caught behind it. Doing so, however, puts you in great danger. Keep in mind that large trucks cannot brake as fast as a car can, so cutting in front of any large vehicle and then making a hard brake is a poor traffic decision.

Proper Passing

Allow the truck a greater distance than you would give a regular sedan or minivan. A general rule of thumb is to make sure the front of the truck is in your rear-view mirror prior coming back to the truck’s lane.

6 Important Safety Tips When Driving Around Semi-Trucks and Other Large Vehicles

Proper Turning

Always assume that truck drivers cannot see you, at least not as good as a regular driver can. Because of their size, trucks have wider blind spots when they need to make a turn on either direction. Do not position your car directly behind or beside a truck as it attempts to turn as this can lead to a collision.

Distance Yourself Generously

Due to their enormous size, trucks generate wind currents that can affect the stability of vehicles surrounding them. It is even more lethal if you are driving a motorcycle or pulling a trailer.

Have Coverage and Legal Protection

In the event of a crash with a truck, you want to have insurance coverage that will pay for repairs. It is also beneficial to have an attorney, like The Lucky Law firm, to advise and assist you when seeking a justifiable compensation settlement in an accident.

Be Alert

Driving in a highway almost always exposes you to a truck at some point in time. Be alert at all times, especially when driving beside, in front, or behind a truck. Any sudden movements can create devastating consequences not only for you and the truck but also for other drivers.

Following these tips can serve as a guide to better safety when driving around larger vehicles on the road. Being cautious at all times on the road will lead to a better chance of a safe trip when using the roadways.