Adrafinil formerly famous as Olmifon, as eugeroic member of the nootropic family, meaning it help in wakefulness. This nootropic targets on the part of the nervous system that feedback to stress and excitement.

Many of the studies that include this drug are related to army performance when it truly matters and times are stressful. The big advantage of adrafinil is as a prodrug for modafinil, which is far more understood and well-researched. There are different studies presenting how adrafinil can help to better wakefulness, cognition, and decrease fatigue in a way that is similar to amphetamine based drugs like Adderall.

One study presented that the drug could support decrease cognitive decline and improve performance in a cohort of army personnel who had 64 hours of work without any sleep.


Adrafinil,63547-13-7  is a strong substance and the dosage you use must be perfectly considered. Unlike many of the actual Nootropics, there are some bad effects if you exceed the advise dosage.

There are better nootropics out there like Pramiracetam or Phenylpiracetam that can provide you a similar power boost without the serious potential bad effects. Because Adrafinil powder is such a focus drug, a little truly can go a long way.

The advised starting daily dosage range for this drug is between 150 and 300 mg. it would be wise to begin with a lower dosage until you have some experience with how it affects your body chemistry.

Dosages have been known to range up to 600-1200 mg per day. This was the advised dosage for Olmifon for narcolepsy, when it was still generated. Dosage this high are typically not required to experience nootropic effects though, and many people have reported success with little dosages.

How does it work?

The big mechanism of action for adrafinil is as prodrug for modafinil. Using this drug gets changed into the liver into modafinil, which has the big psychoactive effects on the brain. Mainly, R-modafinil is the cause of the stimulation and improved focus that often comes from using the drug. Modafinil causes downstream effects, such as rising adrenaline and dopamine, which have an impact on your focus and concentration.

How to buy

Buying Adrafinil powder in big amount may be affordable for those who take substance regularly, and know of a consistent supplier. This technique is generally considerably affordable than buying smaller amounts. It is then up to the consumer whether they want to dissolve the substance and drink it, or put in to capsules themselves. It is vital that the consumer invests in some device to perfectly measure as too much Adrafinil,63547-13-7 can cause bad effects. Buying a capping device or scale may cost money, but would only be a one-off purchase and so many outcome in savings in the long-run.

Reject taking the substance at a night time or within the hours before you plan to go to sleep as it does have a bad effect. To reject potential bad effect or the development of a tolerance, it is advised that you use this drug powder in cycles. For example, taking the substance for a one week, and then having a break for a week.