The Internet is filled with websites where you can get free essay samples on almost any topic and field. Current and former students as well as professors who have experience within specific fields write the essays, and submit them to the websites as samples to guide other students. The following are some of the main areas on the Internet where you can get the free essay samples.

1.     Online academic writing websites

The most obvious places to find free essay samples are the countless academic writing websites on the Internet. Such websites offer numerous free services including sample college essays, and guidelines for writing. As a student, you can download the free sample, see the structure of the essay, and apply the same in your paper to guarantee you an excellent grade.

2.    Test-preparation websites

Test-preparation websites are meant to help prepare students to take and pass standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, and TOEFL. The sample essays in these websites are usually short, and their main aim is to demonstrate how an essay that can pass a standardized test should look like. You can also find the sample essays in test-preparation books.

3.    Online writing forums

There are numerous writing forums on the Internet, where students, professors, and other academicians can discuss different writing topics. This is a rich resource for finding free samples owing to the fact that members have different experiences in writing. You can find graduate students in such forums and request a sample of their work that you can use as a guide for your own work.

4.    Essay repository websites

These sites usually contain hundreds if not thousands of free essay samples on a multitude of common subjects and fields. These essays are available to everyone in the world, and there is no way of using an essay as your own, because you will easily be caught. The free samples from these websites are excellent because they often come with actual grades and feedback from the professors who assessed them. You can use the samples to better your writing, and avoid the common mistakes that the authors made while they were writing their paper.

It is important to note that you cannot download these samples and pass them as your own. Most professors nowadays use sophisticated plagiarism checkers to scan for plagiarism in their students’ papers. Thus, if you take one of these essays and try to pass it off as your own, you will be caught plagiarizing. Plagiarizing has serious consequences including expulsion from the academic institution, and a ruined reputation in the world of academia.

One of the best places to get free essay samples to help you in writing your own essay is The company has a repository of free essays that you can download to help you succeed in writing your own essay. As mentioned above, it is unethical and also considered plagiarizing taking these free samples and presenting them as your own to your professor.