For a college student, writing an essay can be a very tough task. This is not something that everybody is skilled enough to perform. One masters this skill with time and practice. A college student, who has not written many essays in the past, is surely going to find it very challenging. To help in writing a perfect essay, there are simple tips that one needs to follow.

Use of difficult and less common words

You are not preparing an essay just for the selection committee members. An essay is considered impactful when even an average student can understand the message that you want to deliver through it. Sometimes students use big words that make it very hard for students and lecturers to understand. This technique is no good for the student. Neither is he going to get appreciation nor good grades.

Losing your identity

Whenever you are writing an essay, you should not lose your own identity. Be yourself and write in your own speaking voice. Reduce the usage of interjecting or slang sentences in your composition. Your natural approach and a genuine touch would make your essay look real and influential to others as well.

A lot of people think that a professional essay writing company is an expensive service. Infact, the benefits you get in terms of grades and job prospects would be far more valuable than the cost incurred on hiring these services.

Not including small examples

Many students fail to realize the power of small examples. These examples and day to day anecdotes can prove to be of great significance in presenting and explaining the harder truths and facts effectively.

Inclusion of a long list of accomplishments

Some students mention their accomplishments in their college application essay. This is not the right practice to do. Don’t write about your GPA and extra co-curricular activities in the essay. An essay is an opportunity to present detailed and authentic information about the subject matter. Its main goal is to provide some value to the listener.

What to include in an essay?

Once you have learned what all things not to include in a college application essay, now it is the time to learn the things that should be made a part of the essay.


Mentioning the features of the field that interest you and why you feel that their school is the best place to achieve it.

Make a plan

To enhance your credibility, you need to speak about your personal characteristics that will prove to be useful in pursuing the degree certification and accomplishing your future goals.

Make it look fresh

Reading several similar types of essays makes the admission panel bored. To make it look interesting and fresh, you need to supplement your essay with personal stories, current events, anecdotes, etc.

A better planning, accuracy, authenticity and clarity is what all you require to do justice with your task and make the best impression on everybody.