In a business landscape marked by high level competition and tepid economic growth, good jobs are hard to come by. There is a great mismatch between supply and demand in the job market where it is not unusual to witness hundreds or even thousands of applications for a single job vacancy. Under such extreme circumstances, you will realise that a high-value professional degree could be your golden ticket to a financially rewarding and fulfilling career. An engineering degree from a well-established business school in a highly competitive job market can put your career on a track to fast growth.

However, to get the best out of your engineering education, it is imperative that you seek admission in Top Engineering institute in Mumbai or top engineering schools anywhere else in the country.  There are a lot of inferior institutes spread across the length and breadth of the country. They offer easy admission i.e. their engineering admission process is pretty lax. All they care about is money and are more than willing to offer admission to anybody and everybody willing to shell out their requisite fee. Studying though in such bottom rung institutes is not going to propel your career further. Second string institutes neither have the expertise nor the facilities to give a meaningful direction to your career.

A degree in engineering on the other hand from a well-established can make yourself visible in the crowd. Top level institutes provide access to expertise and experience of their world class faculty to enhance your employability factor by several notches.  It is often seen that an engineering degree also works a loaf depressor for many large organizations. Top level organizations which receive huge number of application in response to their job posting often impose the criteria of an aspirant having an engineering degree in order to eligible for qualification. This is another important pointer to the value of an engineering degree as having a degree or not could well be the difference between you securing an interview and subsequently a job or going back empty handed.

Some of the important factors you need to pay attention to before you taking the final with respect to your admission in an engineering school are as following:

Return on Investment

Engineering places heavy demand on your time and money. With engineering tuition fess running in lakhs and the competition to gain admission to a world-class engineering school exceptionally hard, an engineering degree is not easy to attend. Apart from working hard you also need to put in some time researching about various engineering schools. It is important as you need an engineering school with high return on investment which can help you pay back your education loan as well as take care of other liabilities within a couple of years.  Fortunately, top quality engineering institutes in India offer very rapid rate of return and obtaining admission in best B. Tech colleges in Mumbai or anywhere else in India should be indeed considered fortunate as it is more or less a sure-fire guarantor of a financially rewarding and secure career.


You also need to look for engineering institutes which are accredited by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Earning AICTE Accreditation requires a total, institution-wide commitment to continuous improvement, and not every engineering institute can earn this prestigious distinction. In fact, engineering schools which adopts a unique and diverse approach to engineering education with its modern and relevant curriculum are only awarded accreditation by this Government approved body.