Wood floors in your home cannot only add appeal aesthetically, but they can also add value to your home if you ever plan to sell in the future. You simply cannot go wrong when it comes to installing a new hardwood floor in your house. But, there’s more to wood than meets the eye. There are also different colors of wood or stains so how do you choose the right one for your specific house? That’s what we will be talking about below. How to choose the right colors and what factors into choosing those colors.

Tips For Picking A Wood Floor Color


The Bigger Picture

The one thing you really need to take a look at is how the wood color is going to complement your other “materials” and items in the home. It should look/go well with your furniture, but it should also look and go well with your walls, cabinets, counter tops and the entire architecture of the house as a whole. If you just go into a store and choose a wood flooring randomly without considering these other things, chances are by the time it’s installed you are going to be deeply disappointed and by then it’s going to be too late.

Visit A Showroom

Showrooms are a great option to consider because they not only have different types of wood to choose from but colors to see and feel. Make sure that you take something along with you from your home that is going to be included in the room with the wood flooring. Maybe a pillow or a picture. That way you can put the item against the wood and the color and see if it would clash or if it looks good.

Alternatively, you can visit tilemarkets.com an online flooring store that allows you to go through tons of choices from home for your hardwood flooring which is a type of wood flooring; online flooring stores can offer much more – they provide details which can help you understand the flooring products better, e.g. laminate flooring comes in variety of ac rating, now it is difficult to learn about ac rating while you are shopping at a physical home improvement stores but when you are online you can learn about these details on your online flooring store.

Take Some Home

Most of any showroom you visit will allow you to take samples home with you. These tend to be little 4×4 squares and you should take the top 3 you really love. That way you can go home and place it on the floor to see if everything goes together visually and you can actually live with that color for a while. It’s like buying that sky blue car you thought you really loved, only to get sick of it 2 weeks later. Same situation. Also, remember about prices. Something like oak is going to cost less than something like walnut or cherry. However, oak can be stained quite a few different colors that are really stunning. Talk to the showroom about the different prices and see if they have some sort of a price guide for you to look at. Many times prices and costs of wood flooring are going to matter. Is wood beautiful? yes it is. But, can you or are you willing to spend $10,000 more just because you like the grain of one more than the other? I don’t know well hardwood floorings are definitely worth the price. Price is always going to be a factor.

Use Natural Light and Artificial Light

Make sure that when you take your samples home you are looking at it in both natural light – the sunlight that comes in from your windows and doors, as well as artificial light – light from your lamps, recessed lighting, task lights, etc. Chances are the wood will have different hues to it depending on the time of the day as well as the type of light that is present. You can also consider sliding the squares up against the baseboard of the wall to see, really, if the wood goes well with your walls.

Elimination is Key

Over time, between the decorating items in your house, your style likes and dislikes, the lighting factor and how it effects the wood, you will be able to dwindle down your choices from the original 3 to 2. Once you do that just live with those 2 woods for a little while and then finally make the last choice. Go with your gut. You did your research, you did the things mentioned above, now it’s time to take the leap.

Hopefully, these key factors will help you out in not only choosing the best color of wood, but the best hardwood flooring in general. According to home-style-choices.com it is going to be something that you will have to live with for quite a few years so that’s why it’s really important to sit down and contemplate which ones you really love and which ones you don’t.