Many people accidentally or purposefully throw things in the sink for the disposal to eat up because they are being absent minded or in a hurry. It is acceptable for most food, but there are certain things you should never place in the sink, unless you enjoy always running into issues that keep you from being able to use certain key appliances. If you want to avoid such issues, use the sink as little as possible for food, and never put the five items in the list below in your sink.

5 Of The Worst Foods You Could Ever Put Down Your Kitchen Sink

Grease and Fat

Grease and fat have to be thrown away. You should never dump soft grease or fat like lard or hardened bacon grease down the drain, and you can never pour grease or any vegetable oils in your sink either. Although you may think that hot water will prevent a clog from happening, this is not always the case and you might find yourself needing to call a professional plumber, such as one from Rakeman Plumbing, to get the issue solved.

Pasta and Rice

After making spaghetti or stir fry, have you ever dumped the pasta or rice down the drain? At some point, we probably all have. However, we should avoid doing so as pasta and rice can form into a sort of dense paste. The paste will clog the drain and perhaps prevent the disposal from working.

Corn Husks, Celery and Asparagus

If you have a good disposal, putting vegetables down the drain may seem harmless. Unfortunately, these items have stringy, long fibers that may get tangled around the blades of your disposal and cause it’s functioning to cease. Even lettuce might cause similar problems.

Peaches, Avocados and Nuts

Throwing rotten fruits away with large seeds like peaches or avocados can cause the large, hard seeds to get stuck in the disposal blades. Even though nuts are softer, they can get stuck too and cause a variety of problems. This rule applies to certain pies too. Pecan pies are a good example of problematic pies.

Bones or Anything with a Bone in It

Like the hard seeds mentioned above and the nuts, bones or pieces of meat with bones cannot go down the drain in your sink. Even small slivers can catch on the blades, which will lead to a variety of problems. If it is too hard to chew, then it is definitely not appropriate for the sink drain.

The garbage disposal has been an inherent part of many kitchens. Once they were put under the first sinks, their popularity soared because they offered a convenience that people enjoyed and appreciated. Now, they have grown beyond a convenience, and they are an important but common appliance in most American kitchens. Do not take them for granted, though. Take this information seriously, and remember, your sink is not a trashcan. Avoid dumping all of your leftover food in it.