Having a house demands knowing basic maintenance skills. There are some tech repairs that do not demand calling an electrician because you can do them by yourself. Keep reading and find out how to replace a dead light bulb, clean the air conditioning filter and old toner, and how to make your home theatre sound system better.

Easy Home Tweaks You Should DIY

Replace a Dead Light Bulb

If the light bulb if black or exploded, you should first cut the power supply to avoid electric shock. If the light bulb is in the ceiling, you are going to have to use the ladders to reach it. Have someone assist you by holding the ladders while you are climbing them. Depending on the type of light fixture you are using (either hanging or ceiling attached), you are going to have to remove the lamp and hold the fixture body to get to the lightbulb socket. The light socket contains the light bulb, which you should unscrew from the socket counter-clockwise. If it does not want to get out of the socket, this means that the explosion has melted the metal part which got it stuck in the socket. For performing this action you are going to have to use the pliers to loosen it up, and once you have it removed – use a spare bulb, put everything back to the place, turn the electricity on and recycle the used light bulb.

Clean the Filter in Air Conditioning

Air conditioning needs cleaning from time to time. Before you get to the filter, make sure that the air conditioning is not connected with the power supply. Position the ladders safely to reach the air conditioning and have someone assist you while performing the action (by holding the ladders for your safety). Lift the front cover to get to the filter. Take the filter(s) out, wash them with hot water and detergent, and then rinse and let it dry naturally. Using the antibacterial spray, rinse the heat exchanger and wipe it with a piece of cloth or dry fabric, and let it dry naturally. Put the filter(s) back and close the cover.


Your home theatre audio system serves  to give you the best sound experience, but often times people who are not surround system experts do not know that there are some tricks you can use to make it better. The number of channels you use will depend upon the size of the room – 5.1 channel systems can be used in smaller rooms, whereas 7.1 channel system can be used in bigger rooms. They are made movable for a reason – so that you can surround yourself with the best quality sound from all sides. The best results will be achieved if you move the speakers to different sides, and mount them above the ear level. This way, your brain will perceive the sound waves more clearly and your listening experience will be improved.

Old Toner Replacement

Ink toner replacement is one of the easiest tasks you can perform. Depending on the type of the printer, you will find your old empty toner in a box under the cover. Before you open it, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction concerning power supply. Some printers demand it is on, whereas others want you to detach it from power supply. Lift the cover and find a handle on the toner. Some routers have it fixed, so make sure that you detach it gently. Remove the old toner and before you replace it with a new ink toner, make sure that you shake the new one. This way, you will avoid the ink from sticking in the same position and enable the toner to print in good quality. Close the cover and start the printer.