Eating healthy is exceedingly important these days, no matter what you do or where you live. In the modern high-speed society, getting enough time to cook healthy meals is getting more and more difficult. That is the reason why a lot of people of all ages chose to order takeaway and that way get precooked meals delivered. While this is a very effective and elegant way of eating, the takeaway is often exceedingly unhealthy. However, with some decent information and ideas, you will be able to get healthy takeaways or order healthy food online. Here are the key tips for when you want to combine ordering takeaways and at the same time, eat healthy.

Balanced Meals

No matter what type of cuisine is ordered, the same basic ratio of a healthy meal should be followed. This means that half of the portion of any meal should comprise of vegetables which should be as versatile as possible. The rest should comprise of 25% of proteins, which usually means meat or some dairy products and an additional 25% that can be made of carbohydrates, including things like pastry, potatoes and rice.

Right Choice of Sauces

Healthy takeaways should include sauces based on tomato instead of things like coconut-based or cream-based alternatives. While coconut might sound healthy, it includes a high concentration of fats, which makes it very rich in calories. Natural tomato is a lot leaner plant while also tasting delicious. However, ketchup (which if full of processed sugar) should also be avoided and only real tomato-based sauce should be ordered.

Vegetables should Follow Protein

In case you want to order food which is an all-protein dish, for examples a Mongolian lamb or chicken stir-fry, you should also get a dish made only from vegetables. This should even things out while vegetables provide the much-needed fibre that is lacking in protein.

Less Sugar and Salt

A big step towards healthy takeaways is ordering a smaller amount of sugar and salt in the meal. While these two provide a sense of satisfaction, they are very unhealthy. That is why eating healthy means consuming them in smaller amounts.

Type of Oil used for Cooking

Inquiring about the type of oil that a takeaway establishment uses for their cooking is very important. Those places that use oils that are rich in saturated fat, for example, palm or coconut oil should be avoided. Instead, order healthy food online from restaurants that use canola or sunflower oil which are healthier alternatives.

Avoiding all types of Battered Foods

Batter tastes great for many people, especially its crunchy texture that hides a soft interior. But, battered foods are mostly deep-fried in oils, which linger on in the food. These oils quickly become broken down to lipids in the digestive tract and are immediately built into your fat deposits. That is why battered foods will provide those who consume them regularly with constant weight gain and other medical issues, which is why they should be avoided.

Scaling Down on Carbohydrates

Takeaway food always comes with more carbohydrates than are needed. For example, a takeaway container should include cooked rice measuring a single cup, not more. Eating healthy is all about eating a bit less of the carbohydrates, no matter what meal. Additionally, when possible, brown rice should be used because it comes with more fibre and is less rich in calories.

Grilled or Steamed instead of Fried

Along with the type of oil being used, the method of cooking is also important. Fried foods usually end up being saturated with fats from the oil that is used, while other methods do not have this issue. Grilling makes food taste great while steaming it keeps almost all of its natural flavours. That is why both of these should be chosen instead of fried food when it comes to healthy takeaways.

Portion Control

Finally, one of the most important allies when it comes to eating healthy is portion control. The same is true for takeaway as well and any other meal, no matter how healthy it might be. Having too much of the good feeling during a meal will most likely lead to bad feelings later on. Because of this, understanding how much food you need and when you should stop eating is a great advantage for ensuring you eat in a healthy manner.

With these simple and useful ideas, you will be able to regularly get healthy takeaways or order healthy food online. The same will have a huge impact on your health and also your overall well-being.