When you have a cold, sinus and nasal congestion can be debilitating. Aside from just sounding strange, you can feel as if your nasal passages will never be clear again. While you could keep a box of tissues handy at all times, you can also combat the problem head on with all-natural vitamins and supplements geared toward improving sinus and nasal health. Rather than sneezing that cold away, here are just a few ways in which these forms of treatment can assist with the common cold.


1. Supplements can help mucus flow naturally to prevent colds in the first place.

A cold can set you back several days. Those sick days can often be prevented if you merely take better care of your nasal passages. Some supplement companies make products that aim to keep your nose healthy. Many of these supplements contain properties that help mucus flow naturally in the first place. This helps flush out irritants so that a few sniffles don’t turn into a full-blown cold. Supplements targeting sinus and nasal health also contain amino acids that can help boost the immune system so that you are less susceptible to germs.

2. Many nasal and sinus vitamins and supplements are fast acting.

When you have a cold, you need treatment that will work quickly. From not being able to sleep due to clogged nasal passages to missed days at the office, you don’t want to just wait out a stuffy nose. Many supplements are fast acting in that they can break down nasal congestion and sinus pressure quickly and keep those nose problems away longer.

3. Probiotic supplements don’t just offer temporary solutions.

Many nasal supplements are probiotics, using friendly bacteria to help with sinus health overall. For common colds, there are a number of temporary agents you can use to relieve the pain, from blowing your nose to popping a pill. These solutions only provide temporary fixes and can in turn weaken the immune system.

The common cold is all too common, indeed. When you can’t breathe due to nasal congestion or your head is pounding because of sinus pressure, you need an agent that will not just provide a bandage for relief. Many treatments for colds are just that – temporary fixes for a larger problem. However, nasal health can easily be improved, allowing you to fend off colds in the first place by taking all natural vitamins and supplements aimed at your nose.

George is a health nut and writes as much as he can on the topic of vitamins and health supplements. He came across nutri-health.com which helped him in his search for a variety of health items.