Think You Are OK Without Wearing Protective Gear? Think Again

Skateboarding is an activity where traditionally helmets were worn because when you were skating, you were skating a very dangerous pool type terrain, and at any moment you could slip out and fall 12 feet into the bottom of a pool.

This is why protective gear was so important.  Lately it seems that skateboarding has transitioned away from such protective gear because of the terrain that is being skated.

Helmets can be an answer to the resurgence in skateboard parks that have been erected over the past 10 years.

With the resurgence of these parks comes the all-terrain type park that has pools, bowls, snake runs, and street areas.  It must be noted that skateboard protection can save your life!

Here are a few tips that may be beneficial if you are on the fence about pads:

  • Protective equipment despite not being able to fuly 100% protect you from fractures can reduce the probability of fractures and certainly reduce the number and intensity of scrapes and bruises that you acquire.
  • Wearing a helmet from the Kore protective gear line can prevent head injuries.  Our noggins are the most valuable part of our bodies, why even chance it? There is just so much that can go wrong.
  •  Make sure that it is worn flat on your head, sits low on your head, and does not interfere with your sight or movement.
  • You are going to fall:  This is an inevitable fact of life for a skateboarder.  You must learn how to fall correctly, this means that if you are losing your balance, crouch down as close to the floor as you can get to avoid falling a far way to the floor.
  •  Limiting the space between you and the floor is the key to limiting impact.  Make sure that you try to relax your body as much as you can, our natural instinct is to seize up, its better the more relaxed you are.

Looking cool is part of skateboarding, and everybody wants to look cool skateboarding.  But the truth is that really, when you are about to fall, there is no way to look cool at all.

Kryptonics Kore helmets can help prevent you from any serious brain trauma that could occur if you were to fall on your head.

We all want to have a safe and fun skate session, and there is no reason as to why we should endanger our lives to look cool.

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