Finding affordable family entertainment is not exactly easy these days, especially if you’re on a budget. Simply going out for a night at the movies can cost over $100, one you’ve included popcorn and sodas.

With sky high prices like these, more and more Americans are taking of advantage of the great home entertainment options available to almost anyone at some pretty affordable prices.

These folks are finding out that investing a little bit in a family room remodel or upgrade is the perfect option to expensive nights out.

If this is something you’re considering, here are a few options you might enjoy.

Home Theatre/Television Upgrade

Television technology has been moving in leaps and bounds over the past few years as the sets themselves get bigger and bigger.

A 50-inch high definition television that would have cost over $1,000 a couple years ago can be had for under $500 today.

These big screens are perfect for movie night with the family, or watching the Sunday NFL games. In fact, a very large, high end set can be had for the price of a single season ticket to almost professional sports team.

To up the ante, throw in a beefy home theatre system and you’ may never want to head to the theatre again.

Table Games

Another home entertainment option that’s a lot more affordable than most is a table game like air hockey or pool. These games come in models that are affordable for any budget, especially if you’re willing to buy a used game.

Most big cities have several warehouse-style stores that sell air hockey, ping pong, and even pinball machines at steeply discounted prices. The nice thing about these outfits is that they can deliver the game directly to your home.

When you’re really looking for a bargain, there are plenty of used pool tables for sale on sites like Craigslist.

While this is definitely the best place to find a bargain, you’ll be on your own when it comes to actually moving it to your house.

Outdoor Games

Depending on the climate in your hometown, you might want to throw your home entertainment budget at some outdoor fun and games.

Setting up a horseshoe pit or bocce ball court is extremely inexpensive and can actually be incorporated into some very nice landscaping plans. These projects aren’t ideal for smaller yards, but if you’ve got a little room in your yard, they’re plenty of fun.

Of course the crown jewel of outdoor entertainment is the swimming pool.

Installing an in-ground pool is a major undertaking that costs thousands of dollars, but there are lots of above ground pools that can be had for a few hundred dollars.

Creating an area for family entertainment that you’ll actually use doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. All it takes is an activity, or two, that you know your family will actually do together. So get out there and have some fun.

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