There is one thing that I love about traveling out on a backpacking trip: camping! Yes, camping is a real fun. The first time I go on a camping trip is when I am a part of a scout team in my school back when I was around 8 or 9 years old. Before that, I do not have any experience whatsoever about how to set up a campfire or how to establish a tent.

Camping is fun because it is like trying to survive in the wild world. While you are trying to survive, you also learn many new sets of skills. You are forced to learn to keep your tent out of wild animals. You will understand where to find the good spot to set up your tent. Also, you will learn a thing or two about predicting the weather, like predicting if tonight is going to rain.

Still, however skilled you are, there are always some things that you should prepare before going on a camping trip. These preparations are important so that you will be kept away from danger from the wildlife out there. Other than the technical preparations like learning how to set up a tent or how to pack your bag, here are the things that you need to know and plan before going on a camping trip.

Things to Prepare for A Camping Trip

Prepare Enough Meals

Sometimes because we know that we are going on a camping trip, we just packed some ready-to-cook foods in our bag. The fact is, you should also prepare foods that are ready to eat. Some snacks like chocolate bars are good for you so that in case you are in a situation where you do not have time to cook or even set up a campfire, you still can eat and keep yourself energized. Have a varied kind of meals that you bring with you, so you will not get bored with your foods.

Look Around Before Setting Up Your Tent

One of the decisions that people consider before setting up a tent in a certain place is if that place is quite flat and far from any dangers or wild animals. However, these decisions are not enough. For example, you would not know if there is an ant hill around your tent. You do not want your tent to get filled with ants, do you? So, be careful. Some camping sites have already located which spots are safe for camping. Follow that rule. Also, check out your neighboring camps so that you know where to find help when you need it.

Know the Weather

Although I personally do not really trust weather forecasting, I know that before I decided to go on a camping trip, I should see how the weather is changing. Have a good preparation to overcome any kinds of weather that may appear. Dress well and suitable for the weather, like preparing a raincoat or a jacket if you need. This is important so that you will not get sick while you are camping.