As with any other industry, search engine optimization changes often. If you want your business and its website to continue to thrive in 2017, you must keep up with new trends in SEO services in Utah. Consider the following as you create your digital marketing plan for the year.

User Experience Is Highly Important

Advances in technology have made internet speeds much faster than they were even a few years ago, and consumers expect your business to be able to keep up. Your content needs to load nearly instantaneously and be easier than ever to navigate. User experience optimization is now heavily integrated with the SEO. Google no longer relies only on relevant keywords to rank your website. It must load quickly, be optimized for mobile devices and show clear indicators that users are enjoying your website. For this reason, it is important that you tweak your website if it is loading slowly or doesn’t appear easy to navigate from a tablet or smartphone.

Quality Content Is Still as Important as Ever

SEO services in Utah still need to revolve around quality content and that isn’t something that is likely to change anytime soon. How many times have you read nearly the exact same article on dozens of websites? It’s not conducive to earning clients and search engines realize that. Of course, while you shouldn’t be regurgitating someone else’s content on your website, you don’t want to get too long form with your posts, either. Too much detail is just as bad as not enough. Search engines are looking for a fix in the form of dense content. In plain English, dense content is how much your content’s value is per word. Shorter articles with relevant and unique information are much more interesting for the reader and for Google. Therefore, a 300-word blog post that covers the basics of a topic will be denser than a 3,000-word article that goes into excruciating detail on the same topic. This is especially important because internet users have a shorter attention span than ever before. They aren’t likely to read 300 words unless you make them interesting, let alone 3,000.

Personal Branding Is No Longer Just an Option

How branded is your company? Do you have a recognizable logo and color scheme? Do you keep a style guide so that all your blog posts are relatively uniform? Do you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social media platforms? Where these factors of personal branding were once optional and simply used to heighten user experience, they are not requirements if you expect your company to remain relevant. Personal branding is more than logos and a social media account, though. You must be engaging. Post on social media accounts at least a few times per week and include a good mix of information, fun posts and pictures. Avoid being too technical, learn how to use hashtags and don’t be afraid to show off parts of your personal life. Users enjoy knowing there are real people behind the company.

Proper optimization of your website and social media platforms is time-consuming but well worth it. If you are having trouble finding the time you need to brand your business, consider looking to a respected company such as 180fusion to help you with SEO services in Utah.