Buying process is always a part where the consumer needs to be involved to find the best deal. While buying stuff, people need to keep certain important things in mind. These help in taking a good decision. This also is valid when we talk of buying a Kigurumi Onesies. Buying onesie should not be concentrated on the looks only. There are certain other factors as well.

Material Used By The Manufacturer

Every company uses different material to make the attire. There are 3 major types of materials.

  • Fleece: This is a soft material which is thick and keeps warm. Therefore, it is good for cold weather. Even though it is thick, it is breathable. And this is why, it can be used both in hot and cold weather. It is the most common material used by manufacturers. It makes the onesie cozy and comfortable.
  • Pile: This is polyester. The material is same as that used in polo shirts. It is lighter than fleece and is also breathable. However, just a little less soft than the former.
  • Terrycloth: This kind of material is used lesser than the rest two. It is perfect for hot weather as it is thinner. It can be used where the person has to perform activities where he might sweat more.

The manufacturers make sure that the outfit is comfortable and therefore make it loose fitted. This allows the person to wear a few layers inside as well. These are easy to put on as they have buttons or zippers. The wrists and ankles have elastic and therefore, it gives a nice fitting and does not irritate. There are some companies which even provide side pockets for the convenience of the user.


Finding the Right Size

Some companies offer single free size attires while others provide options according to the height and built of the person. It is up to a person to decide which company he will prefer to buy from. These onesies have a baggy nature and hence one need not worry much about the fitting. There are some manufacturers who understand that people are of different heights and thus they manufacture onesies according to that.

For adults, the minimum height of a person should be around 5 feet. One can find the options up to a height of 6 feet. For kids too, you have many options when it comes to size. This means that there are onesies for everyone.


Choosing The Right Company

Apart from buying the right stuff and the right size, another essential factor that needs to be considered is the company from which one is buying. It is not necessary to roam about in the market to different stores looking for a onesie. One can easily buy one by using internet. There are a lot of companies offering onesies online. All one needs is, to order the one he wants. There are various options of different animals and also characters.

The company delivers the order at the doorstep. The most important factor one must look at the website is the terms and conditions for return in case he does not find the onesie according to the specifications mentioned on the website. A good company always assures of good quality product and customer service.

One can go online and find a number of onesies on The products are available in various sizes for men and women and also at very reasonable prices.