In Indian Hindu mythology, there’s a god called ‘Vishwakarma’ who is known as the god of all engineers, artists, and all craftsman. Lord Vishwakarma is the chief architect who has been designing mansions for the personal use of gods and he has never disappointed with his work.

Similarly, if you are talking about your hair, you can’t deny the fact that hair stylist is close to being the gods of ‘hair style and beauty’. I mean they can change you, your look, your personality, your hair, and your life with the snip of scissors. You refer to them every time whenever it’s your bad hair day, and in all matters related to your hair they are the experts you consult first.

But they are also human and sometimes, maybe mistakenly, we do certain things that piss them off. Hence, there are things that they want you to know yourself so you can avoid annoying your hairstylist. But they won’t tell you those things themselves.

So, we are here to unveil the secret, to help you out establish a strong bond with your hairstylist.

  1. Don’t tell them ‘do whatever you want’ if you can’t handle the result

There are times when you’re confused and you don’t know what you want to do with your hair. It’s okay to have such confusion but it’s certainly not okay to say ‘NO’ to your hairstylist when they are suggesting you something. The first thing, your confusion irritates them and your constant ‘NO’ against their suggestion adds fuel to the fire.

Communication plays a major role irrespective of the communicators. I read an interview of an hairstylist (I don’t remember the name) where he said, “ I don’t like it when confused people come in and ask me to do style their hair the way I want”. He further added, “Not because I am incapable of giving them a nice haircut, but it’s a matter of choices and preferences. Everyone has a vision of themselves as to how they want to look to the world as soon as they step out of the salon. And what I might feel to be a suitable haircut might not be good according to them”.

  1. Don’t expect them to give you preferences if you don’t treat them well.

“What you give is what you get” the way you treat people, people treat you the same way and your hairstylist is no different. While in most cases you might not need the preferences but the case of a hairstylist is very different. Who doesn’t want their hairstylist to attend them and provide special care whenever they visit the salon. I mean getting preferences from your hairstylist means getting better hair treatment, which means getting more value for money. Thus, if you want such extra favors from your hairstylist, you’ve to establish a good bond with them which is only possible if you treat them well.

  1. Stop being difficult or your hair will face the wrath

One thing is for sure, it’s not just the hairstylists, even the common people would do the same thing with you if you are difficult for them or you’re just acting to be like one. Your hairstylist won’t give your hair the proper attention they deserve if you are difficult for them to manage. And this can be the case with even the calmest and the most patient hairstylist. So, be nice and easy or else you know what they’re capable of.