Professional marketers concentrate their optimization efforts on virtual presences, often foregoing their physical mail address locations when attempting to position their businesses across the map.  Since Google overhauled their G+, and business offerings, having some physical location in existence could boost visibility, or it could even make your social media presence standout more.  Let’s see what happens when taking our live addresses and pushing them through various viral marketing channels, and whether increases in business trust may persist more, or less, with physical locations correctly mapped.

Facebook Exemplifies ‘Physical’

Facebook marketing is the most popular form of social media marketing today. This is because Facebook offers the most flexible platform in which brands can reach out to their target audiences, and it provides the appropriate tools for them to use. Facebook marketing is also the most creative social media platform you can use today to promote just about anything, and while it is not the end destination of marketing, it serves as the avenue where you can nurture your audience and convert them into customers.  Having yourself an active physical mail address would assist in making your Facebook marketing dreams a reality, especially in our growing virtual existence.

Addresses In Link Building?

Link building remains to be a strong way to increase traffic to a site, and even if it has become less popular these days, many SEO experts and internet marketers use it to boost their popularity on their chosen niche. However, link building, because of its openness towards creativity and innovation, is also known to be a risky move in acquiring traffic. Using the wrong strategy may give you problems, such as being removed from search engine rankings, and even have your site penalized.


Addresses Boost Emailing Trust

Did you know that email advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your business attention, and to sell new products? That is because it has been shown time again that subscribers to email newsletters and Ezines pay more attention to the advertisers than they will to advertisers on the rest of the internet. Part of that has to do with what is known as the “Halo Effect” – customers who like a particular newsletter may be more likely to support the advertisers for the newsletter because they want to help the newsletter, and they trust the advertiser because of that.  After writing your email announcement, having your physical address appended to email signatures could increase trust, knowing that you can be contacted with questions or concerns about services you offer.

Keep In Mind…

Optimizing your site is one of the most essential ways to boost your business sales online, as through SEO you push your business website up the page rankings of search engines like Google. With this you get better exposure to your target audience and as well greater incoming traffic to your site. But while SEO has already proven its effectiveness throughout the past few years, many business website owners and marketers still commit major blunders – one of the major ones being not having a physical mail address appended to their business online.  Notwithstanding of other commonly applied SEO methods, your mailing addresses could become the major search engine identifier when final search algorithms are updated for good.