As we travel to distant places, we may encounter great and no-so-great things. One of the biggest issues would be airport security. Although we have followed all the rules, we may occasionally need to deal with them. These security officials are the last line of defense against possible attacks on airplanes. Working with them could allow us to contribute to overall safety. Even so, it is easy to despise burly aviation security officials who bark orders to us. One way to deal with annoyance is to expect that we will be annoyed. We should expect problems and we are not allowed to bring our water bottle or other items, we should let them go. Any metal object can easily banned, even if they have dull points or edges. Rules may vary between airport to airport, but we still use common sense to avoid unnecessary problems. Another problem is that we meet someone wonderful in the very last day of our vacation. Traveling can ignite the feeling of romance, especially if we meet someone who we like. A fellow traveler may live 6,000 miles from our country and it’s likely that we will never meet him or her again.

Language barrier can be quite troublesome during a trip. Body language, facial expression and gestures could become effective communication, but there are many things that can be transmitted only through verbal means. It’s also considered to be respectful to locals, if we are willing to learn a few common phrases. In some countries, like France, locals may even refuse to communicate if we don’t speak French. We shouldn’t be afraid about making mistakes in speaking local languages. Locals will find it amusing and they will appreciate our effort. Getting scammed is probably the most annoying experience during a trip. Scammers have huge home advantage. They are already doing it for years, they know local situations and they have prepared everything to make sure that we enter their trap. Something that may seem like a genuine help or very affordable, could end up becoming very expensive. A very friendly local may seem like to genuinely guide us through the tourist destination, but he could end up asking for expensive guide fees. If we refuse, we could be surrounded by other scammers who taunt us and force to pay.

Affordable accommodation is something that travelers may look for to cut expenses. However, it is certainly unpleasant to walk into an overcrowded hostel. We may need to stay in dorm-like accommodation, because they are often the cheapest in the area. As an alternative, we may choose AirBnB to get complete privacy without spending much money. Many people say that traveling is about getting lost, but it’s not always an exciting experience. It’s not a good thing if we get lost when it’s already dark and we have seen no one for hours, while driving on a narrow road. A foreign capital city could also be very crowded and our attempt to use the intricate system of public transportation may cause us to miss a flight home. It is acceptable to be adventurous, but we still need to use common sense.