Traveling is a really interesting activity and many people have left their high-paying career to pursue their traveling desire. It should be more than just a luxury, but also become part of our lives. Many people say that they are not travelers, but in reality, we may go to specific tourist destinations in our local area regularly. There are many benefits related to traveling. One thing that people may experience is peace of mind. Many people want to travel, because they want to avoid frustration and distress due to workplace pressure. By traveling, people are able to forget work-related things. Getting close to the outer environment may bring us closer to ourselves. In fact, some people find that traveling to new places is more satisfying than having a lot of money. Working and staying put in our house will require us to spend regularly, such as for bills and mortgage. It has been proven that people who travel a lot tend to earn more. By traveling to new places, we will also be able to see new faces. People who don’t travel tend to see the same people each day.

In workplace, we often have daily meeting with the same group of people. Bad office politics may also bring frustration and meeting specific individuals each day may not be a good thing. During a trip, it’s less likely that we will make frenemies. It is more likely that we will find genuine friends and we will be able to exchange stories. We will be able to rediscover our true self and it can be quite surprising how we have changes drastically in a much more positive way. Spending between 6 to 8 hours at workplace can be quite tedious, in some cases, we can be asked to work 6 hours each day. Completing projects after projects can cause tiredness and we may want to escape that. Regardless of how lucrative our job is, it is important that we won’t be trapped in our own small bubble. It is important that we don’t compromise our happiness due to money or career. In fact, money and good career should be those that can enhance our happiness. It is important to know that bosses may take advantage of our hard work, so they are able to travel to distant countries with their family.

By traveling, we should be able to experience many things first hand. When we listen to our friends, it may amaze us how much fun that we can get by being a little adventurous. By travelling, we should be able to gain many new experience. Just sleeping on a nearby hill under sky full of stars can be a really wonderful experience. By travelling, we should also be able to try many different cuisines and this is especially true if we are foodies. In fact, in many countries we may find new dishes every 20km. Traveling is also about making new memories Eating street food during the night from roadside vendor and running barefoot on the beach can be wonderful when we are traveling with a small group.