At a luxury hotel, a concierge is assigned to you to aid in you in areas such as booking tours and making reservations for dinners. It is expected of the concierge to offer good hospitality, making your stay at the hotel confortable. As much as he or she will be your assistant for time being, their are certain things they are not expected to do for you. So, when one is assigned to you, you should expect them to carry out your wills, especially if it compromises the the modus operandi set by the hotel management.

Basically, a concierge would offer a warm welcome and entertain to have you enjoy the hotel facility. On the other hand, they would serve as your personal servant whom you could reiterate directives and expect to get things done without asking questions or denying a request. Other than making your stay at the hotel or accommodation comfortable, nothing more to expect of them. Neither is it their job to dance to your whims and caprices. In consideration of the foregoing, such requests as highlighted below are considered odd.

Asking them help you obtain illicit substances which is not part of their job description. Of all the requests you could make at a luxury hotel, asking a concierge to  help you obtain illicit stuff is not just a deniable request, but also a questionable one. Other similar odd requests include:

Asking them to get you an independent escort which is sort of not illegal yet it isn’t such a good idea anyway.

Asking them to get you medications such as painkillers and sleeping pills irrespective of your health status.

Considering the concierge as you restaurant consultant who recommends and provides you with information of which restaurant to avail as well as how to make your way to the restaurant is not very nice and they are entitled to deny such an odd request. It is part of their job to give guests advice regarding how to use local restaurants but the recommending one is not is not a part of their official functions. And it would even be such a good idea to use a concierge for this cause for the fact that most are linked to some restaurant which they will likely refer you in order to get commissioned. In lieu of using a concierge, the hotel bartender will be of more help for the fact that they have nothing to gain from referrals unlike the concierge.

Asking your concierge to be your personal servant or assistant is way out of their luxury hospitality services to you. Of course, he or she would be your assistant but only in matters of hospitality… conforming to laid down protocols. Your personal affairs like managing your contact list, destination or placing phones calls and  arranging for personal appointments are yours and yours alone to manage. So, don’t consider your concierge as your personal assistant or some kind of a butler you can get to do whatever you want. Officially, their role is offer hospitality and this is not limited to being your assistant but not personal assistant .