You may be familiar with stuff such as alkaline water and coral calcium that is advertised as popular alkaline diet cancer products. It is believed that they have the capacity to convert the nutrients in your bloodstream from acidic to alkaline making them less harmful for your digestive system. You need to understand that your stomach is full of acid that is necessary to break down foods. However, the nutrients that leave your stomach should be alkaline in nature. If your organs are supplied with acidic nutrient it can become a potential reason of harmful attacks against the body’s organs resulting in physically stressful conditions like acid reflux and other symptoms leading to the formation of cancer and tumors.

Symptoms of alkaline imbalance in your body

Your physician may recommend a restricted diet if you are suffering from the symptoms of ulcer or gastritis. Foods that are prescribed will aim to reduce the acid levels in your stomach so that holes are healed which may grow into an ulcer or cause acidic spills burning your esophagus down. A diet to treat gastric disorder consists of citrus fruits, vinegar, and vitamins like folic acid or ascorbic acid which are thought to normalize acid balance in your stomach. It has been found that calcium pills tend to change the acid content of stomach fluids while entering through the food canal.

Digested food that makes its way to the intestine is highly acidic in nature. The pancreas is responsible for regulating the acidity in nutrients leaving the stomach by converting the acidic nutrients into alkaline substances when they enter the intestine. Dietary changes are highly effective in bringing about necessary changes in your body’s most effective chemical cleanser i.e. your urine. Consuming food items that are alkaline in nature makes the internal environment of your body less acidic, which is detrimental to the growth of cancerous cells. This is the main premise behind the alkaline diet.

How an alkaline diet works

The diet popularized as alkaline diet cancer functions on a known pattern of chemical reactions in your body based on the food that you consume. These chemicals reactions are regulated by a set of enzymes that exists in your body. Further, they control the pH level of your body. A normal pH will be congenial for these enzymes to work at their optimum level supporting the chemical reactions needed to process the food nutrients. Eating alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables will help to maintain the desired pH level in your body. Irrespective of what your physician assumes, always remember that if you consuming foods that are acidic in nature like meat or consume excess protein your body will not store that instead, it will make its way in the bloodstream making it more acidic. Your body will require a surplus of calcium to neutralize the presence of excess acid. In due course of time, it makes you a candidate for osteoporosis. The reason why your blood cannot become acidic is that the body’s chemical reaction is designed to provide excess calcium from your bones and convert the acid entering your blood into alkaline nutrients.