Healthy skin is important for both body confidence and general wellbeing, but the quest to keep skin clear, smooth and glowing can be something of a challenge. Spots, dryness and ageing are some of the most common issues, and using the right products is a small part of the solution. The following are equally important routes to keeping your skin happy and healthy.

Sun Care

Vitamin D is proven to be good for your skin, as research has shown that it can help prevent related cancers. Over exposure to UV rays, however, is damaging and can cause premature ageing. Whilst the sun shouldn’t be avoided it’s a good idea to wear a moisturiser with UV protection when the sun is strong, and a nourishing suncream. Body whitening lotion with built in UV protection is a popular option in the Middle East and some parts of Asia, and can help reduce visibility of things like age spots and skin discoloration.

Where sun damage has already occurred there are also several aftercare options to minimise damage. Aftersun or moisturiser that contains aloevera is soothing and can restore skin’s moisture.

4 Ways To Keep Your Skin Happy and Healthy

Food and Drink

When it comes to caring for our skin there are certain foods that really help and certain foods that should be avoided. Sugar is notoriously bad for our skin and can cause outbreaks of spots. Those found in foods such as chocolate and soft drinks are the most damaging. Try to cut down on your intake of these and eat natural sugars instead. These are found in foods such as fruit and honey. Whilst fatty, greasy foods won’t do your skin any favours, fish and nuts contain good oils that can help combat the bad ones. Drinking more water also improves skin health and research has shown that drinking three litres a day can have a really positive effect on skin ageing.


Late nights, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are all known to have an adverse effect on our skin, making it appear older and tired. By getting over seven hours of sleep a night, restricting alcohol intake to a few units per week and cutting out smoking we can dramatically increase skin health and seriously improve its appearance. Exercise is also good for the skin as it gets oxygen circulating around the body and helps you sweat out impurities.


When it comes to finding the right cleansers, toners and moisturisers for your skin, the best advice is to experiment. If you have a particular problem with your skin such as dryness or spots, choose products that are specifically designed to suit your skin type. If your skin is easily irritated you may want to opt for products containing natural ingredients that have soothing properties.

Now you know the four steps to healthy skin you can get going on achieving that healthy glow. Do you have any skin care tips that you think should be on this list? What are your biggest skin care secrets?