Pregnancy is a critical phase of our life. With a baby growth week by week video you might have garnered knowledge on what a pregnancy means in the first place. But apart from the baby growth week by week video crucial planning is needed during the 9 months

Months 1 to 3

First and foremost you have to cut down on your anxiety levels.  Choose a top quality doctor and be regular in your check-ups and tests

At month 2 eat a healthy diet. For a baby to be healthy mother has to be healthy. This second month of pregnancy is all about healthy vitamins or nutrients that a baby needs. For development of neural tube it is really important. Protein or calcium is foundation stones for the development of your baby. Keep away from harmful substances at this juncture.

By month 3 this is the time to start buying. You need to purchase things which your baby needs. There are some other things to consider

  • Is there sufficient amount of space in your room
  • If you are renting a house is it the time to make a move
  • Do you have knowledge about the right set of accessories needed for your house

Month 4 to 6

Month 4 suggests you have muscle training along with the much needed flexibility for a baby to grow. It would be better if you could take up prenatal yoga classes as there could be women who might be sharing the same thought process along with anxiety as you.

Month 5 means that you are going to be allowed 4 months maternity leave so you might have to prepare for it. Once you have chosen a doctor you can ask them various questions as the key is to obtain as much information as possible

Month 6 signifies taste buds as this is the time when your stomach becomes heavier. The second trimester is about to end which means that the baby becomes heavy. Take advantage of energy you have in your body as you need to run when the baby arrives.

Months 7 to 9

Month 7 connotes you can go on to labor anytime and practice runs. Tips include

  • Decide on the route to hospital
  • By now you might be having your maternity bag ready
  • Contingency plans might be there if things are not going on track
  • Clothes of baby are ready

By month 8 you are ready with a baby shower. There are some ways by which you can make it more creative

  • The venue and a theme has to be chosen
  • A guest list has to be prepared and you need to send out invites
  • Catering has to be arranged and baby shower names have to be chosen

Come month 9 you need to baby proof your house. Before the advent of a baby things should be safe and secure in your home.

To conclude pregnancy does not spell anxiety, but the key is to enjoy in the best possible way.