Being in a relationship with a girl is very frustrating, well that’s the reason why I’m single. Well, jokes aside. There are people who really want to know how to keep their relationships stronger than ever and some of you might want to know how to get your ex back. Unfortunately, I will cover the former which has to do with making a girl love you even more. Well, this is easier said than done because most of the men just know exactly what they should do but never take any action on doing that. Which, is pretty impossible if you just stay without moving your fit. In this article, I have only two tips that you can apply to turn your relationship more convenient than it is today.


Text In The Morning

While this may seem to be a basic and simple tip, it actually works very well but only if you know how to implement it and not overdo. Women like when you show them how much you care about them, even when you are into them. With that being said, by sending her message every morning it will make her think that you are really in love with her even when you are not. While this tips is very effective, one most not overdo it by sending dozens on messages every morning because it may not transmit the exact feeling you want.

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She may sometimes think you are very desperate and afraid of losing her which is something that girls don’t like. Give her a room from freedom and send her messages in early morning moderately.

Treat Her Like She Doesn’t Love You

This technique is a little tricky and applied wrongly can turn your relationship into a nightmare. And, instead of looking for ideas to make your love stronger you will need to know how to get your ex back. What you actually should do is just pretend. Yes, pretend. However, pretend in an innocent way. This may sound a little confusing, and you may be asking how to pretend in an honest form. Let me clear this out, you need to act like a personal who needs more than what’s given. If she calls and talks for a few minutes, tell her that you don’t like and that you want to talk more in the next time. This works very great and it awakes the girl that she’s not giving you much attention.

There are many tips you can apply to make your relationship more pleasant, I hope with these two techniques you will be able to achieve what you desire.