Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, anniversaries are milestones to be celebrated. The day that you and your partner decided to commit to each other should be a day looked back upon with fond memories. Even if that day itself wasn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your anniversary now with fun and festivities.

Anniversary Prep: Celebrating Your Endless Love

Food and Drinks

It really doesn’t matter if your event is a small family gathering or a fantastic affair hosting everyone you have ever met, the food and drinks will be important. Depending on the size and budget, your anniversary party should have a few options. A backyard barbeque is a great way to celebrate with some grilled goodies and iced down beers. if you are looking for a chic event, consider having the party catered with your favorite food and beverage options for a no hassle way to entertain.


The type of venue that you choose for your event will mostly be determined by your guest list. Once you have decided who you will be inviting, then you can start narrowing down options for the party venue. Professionals, like those at Noah’s Event Venues, know that finding the perfect fit for your party is important. Some other important factors include: location, style, availability, and budget. No matter where it’s held, your anniversary party venue will be the location of a monumental anniversary celebration!


Decorating for an anniversary party can be a great way to share some of your best memories with family and friends. Creating personalized artwork using photographs collected over the years is an awesome touch. Your wedding album or your favorites from it can make amazing centerpieces. Using your wedding theme or colors (assuming you still like them) can be a fun way to get nostalgic. Just like your wedding, this is an opportunity to be creative and show your personality as a couple. If you both love baseball, try a ballpark theme. If a favorite song or novel brings you together, use elements of that to decorate your event.

Celebrating an anniversary is not something that every couple gets to do. Staying committed through thick and thin is definitely something to recognize. Use this opportunity to say something nice about each other and your relationship. If you are funny or poetic, try to infuse the event with your own personality. You may also want to publicly thank all the people that have supported you along the way. Just don’t forget to acknowledge each other for the important roles you have played in your love story.