Signs That A Guy Likes You

If a man is interested in you, have no doubt that you will prove it. However, it is sometimes difficult to find those shows, right? There are men and more confident “cast” that are more obvious and send clear signals, but also shy, introverted and insecure men who transmitted almost imperceptible signs of fear of being discovered or rejected.

Anyway, something always slips sometimes … Wives have a special radar called intuition that allows us to notice these signals.

If you have doubts about whether this guy is crazy about you, check to see if it met what to me are the most obvious signs that a guy likes you, see if your suspicion is confirmed or not.

We are looking

A man whom you attract will want to spend more time with you and know everything about you. You are looking to chat, send you text messages, or even if they have confidence, you will telephone with any excuse just to talk to you. If you are in the same physical location, you will walk around to talk. When we want a person, seek to interact with it.

The Signs Of Love

Social Networks

Of course, you added as a friend on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, the Google+, Pinterest and other social networks to share. And also follows your every move: if you write a status or upload a photo perhaps put a “Like” or comment your comments answer your updates. All this “tracking” shows he watches over you, who have an interest and desire to keep in touch with you.

Remember what you say

If a man remembers what you said …in love with you! For example, you told that you go on holiday and a few days so you’re wondering how the preparations for the trip, what rides do and above all, insist to know when to come back because, sure, you miss.

Besides proving that pays close attention to what you say, you obviously have an interest in your stuff and she proves it.

The Signs Of Love

Physical Interaction

The non-verbal communication as much (or more) than our words. It is proven that people unconsciously tend to seek physical contact with the person who attracts us. By this I mean you will find the time to hold you, I touch your arm, hold hands, etc…


They say a look is worth a thousand words … If every time you go to look, looking at what you find , or look sideways and notes that their eyes are on where you are , there are great chances that this man will you attract you a lot. If you realize that you caught him looking at you and lower her head with a shy smile, what if you will be interested in!

These looks are of the clearest signs of a man in love with you. Keep your attention!


A man attracted to you never sees serious while conversing with you, on the contrary, always has a smile to offer. And also want to get you a smile to you: remember that many men resort to humour to approach a woman.

Makes you Gifts

Well, if this guy sends you flowers or small gifts for no reason, then you are super hooked. Let’s say you could ask wedding anytime 😉

With all these signs … what you expect to react and ask him out?

Signs of a Man in Love with You

Are you going to continue to wait for the man that you like it you declare? Do not waste time! Maybe while you’re madly in love with you and you realize you have not. Or maybe you have a new suitor worth hanging around and you keep ignoring it unknowingly.

Activate to get your intuitions, that sixth sense of all women, and discover all the signs of a man in love with you. If you know a man who behaves this way when you, you can take it for confirmed: you have on your feet.

The Signs Of Love

How to Tell if a Man is in Love

His Face says it All

Every time I look you in the eyes, his face lights up and he draws a big smile. You look from head to toe with eyes of desire every time you spend at your side at any time you have a chance to look at you.

It tells you Pretty things

Perhaps a shy man , but if you are in love with you , sometimes subtly laud your beauty, your voice, your style or anything else that comes to mind. His intention is to show that you are attentive.

Brand Shared Interests

One way to get close to you will be through their common interests. For example, if you say your hobby is painting and he loves art, I communicate to generate a conversation. Whenever you find that have a similar interest, you will know, it will be a topic of conversation assured.

Try to Impress

If you are interested in you, will do anything to get your attention, positively, sure, and you put your eyes on it.

The Signs Of Love

Makes you Laugh

Men know that one of the strong to conquer a woman is in the mood. Therefore, he will try to make you laugh anyway and joking with you.

Try to spend more Time with you

If a classmate or work, you want to have lunch with you and will not leave until you leave to go together. Always seek the time (and excuse) to approach you.

He is Interested in You

You questions about your life, your tastes, your interests, your activities, and your family. As in love with you, want to know everything.

Jealous when you’re around other Men

Pay attention to your reaction when you laugh or converse with men; if you look at much more than usual and uncomfortable notes, for example, is very clear that jealous.

Now that you know all these signs: keep very careful!

Signs that are more than Friends

From one day to the other, began to look with different eyes. From one day to the other, you notice that you love to talk to him and how comfortable you feel at your side. From one day to the other, or be looking for excuses to talk and when not, they are surprised…

Make no mistake: friendship is turning into something else. Maybe that person you saw as one becomes someone special … Pay attention to these signs that are more than friends. Discover what’s happening!

They talk a lot more often. Before, or spoken messages are sent once in a while. Or maybe not even that, they communicated by chat. Then the talks were increasing until, almost without realizing it, you cannot spend a day without talking or write to him. Want to be aware of his life and he is interested to know what you’re up.

The Signs Of Love

Nicknames were created. It used hello, how are you? Then, they began to be called by their nicknames. And now, without thinking, you say “cute” as he also calls you from loving and special way.

Body Contact. Before, greet as one more pat on the back. Now, gently placed her hands on his shoulders several times and end up holding hands. All without thinking! Is given only…

Your friends start making obvious comments. Why? …? What’s with so-and-so? You start telling your friends. Also torment him questions because I notice especially when you. Not to mention when the output is between all the comments about what a lovely couple who do not slow to appear.

How to go from “friends” to Boyfriends?

Coming out a while ago. They like, attract, and want to go very well together. Know his friends, he knows your friends, and – at any time – will come the chance to present your parents … So what are waiting to go from friends to boyfriends?

If you’re dying to formalize the relationship with your “friend with benefits”, but do not you dare to arise, these strategies will serve to put the issue on the table. Best of luck!

Be alert to the signs. Trying to spend more time with you? Is it more loving and interested notes? If you notice these signs, go ahead: almost certainly want to go from friends to boyfriends, and at any time will tell. Otherwise, if you do not notice any hand signal, do not bother to advance, as it has not yet been formalized samples.

Ask your friends. Ask them for advice and opinions with your friends. It is essential to know how the relationship is viewed from the outside. If you doubt, ask why.

Ask them to friends. If you have enough confidence, suggest to your friends that you would like to formalize your kid. If they respond that they agree, smiling and support you, get excited: surely have told them that you also want to formalize. If, however, is serious, they remain silent and try to change the subject, then, danger…

Launch some hints. Maybe your man a little “asleep ” , slow to take the initiative or perhaps you feel unsure of your reaction . So …shows signs yourself! Do not wait around for him to throw fire indirect realize, directly or let him know you want to go a step further.

The Signs Of Love

Use your charms. For the relationship to grow, you have to feed it every day. Seducing him, surprise him; tell him you want and how important it is for you.

Show yourself irresistibly toward other men. Jealousy never fails! Nobody knows what they have until you lose it feels : if your ” friend ” sees the other men look at you and can take you out , will ensure that you feel things , becoming jealous and want to hold you solely for him .

Do not fight it. If your man wants to slow down and has told you not feel ready for commitment, there is nothing else you can do. Be patient, wait and do not push. Yes; if you feel that the relationship is going to neither hand, ask yourself if you really want to continue in it. You can get hurt waiting for something that will never happen.

Signs that your Friend is in Love with You

We must recognize that it is possible that there is a sincere friendship between a man and a woman. However, after being in contact for a while, it may be that feeling of friendship turns into something deeper.

A lot has happened to us at some point in our lives not knowing if our friend is looking for something more; Shows some signs for although these are not entirely clear. Today we will see some signs that your friend is in love with you.

Looking to be Close

Regardless of the situation, the boy in question always looks for ways to be around you. Accompanies you everywhere, looking for work in all projects and demonstrates unwavering confidence.

He always wants to be with you

Spares no excuses to spend time with you, in this case need not in love with you, which will clarify the situation is the type of outputs proposed.

Teases You

Have we ever heard from our grandmothers, that if a boy likes of us nag us to see our reaction; and in a sense it’s true. We’re not talking about the verbal abuse or hurtful teasing; it is rather the type of sarcastic humour male.

This is one way they use to test your answers to your “jokes”.

The Signs Of Love

We look

Have you found more than once that he is constantly watching you? Generally when this happens, he quickly looks away or tries to bring attention to another issue; this is a worthy that he likes, so if the feeling is mutual, tries to flirt very subtly when you’re in this situation.

You ask for help

All men know that it is very difficult to ask for help to solve a problem , so if you trust you enough to get you in a time of need (or in any situation, from the simplest to the most severe) , can be sure this guy want to have something with you.

You are listening

Do you remember important dates for you? Or simple things that you told? That’s a sign that you listen carefully, and you want to make you feel good.

Makes you Laugh

When a man loves a woman, looking for the thousand and one ways to make her laugh; so if your friend is an expert in search jokes or situations that make you smile, it is sure to like.

If your friend really is pending you have something more serious, you will know sooner or later; you just have to remember that in this case is usually a little more difficult for the friendship that’s involved, since you probably do not want to lose the confidence you have in him as a friend.