Walt Disney Co., beyond being one of the top 30 largest companies and the largest media and entertainment company (in terms of revenue) in the world, is a staple in many childhoods—with fun, family-friendly movies and plenty of tie-in merchandise to cement their place in kids’ hearts. This, needless to say, includes costumes. After all, what kid doesn’t want to pretend to be a favorite character—especially around Halloween? These are some of the most popular Disney costumes for kids and adults.


Disney’s best kids costumes, based on “most popular” rankings from Disney and Amazon, are princesses and superheroes.

Brave‘s Merida

Placing near the top on both lists, Disney’s plucky, redheaded Scottish princess was a hit with viewers.  More than just a princess in a pretty dress, Merida’s message of independence and self-determination—and the movie’s focus on a mother-daughter relationship—make her a great role model for young women. (And the bow-and-arrow accessories are pretty fun.)

The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel

Disney’s other famous redhead, Ariel, is also a popular costume choice; the classic tale of true love is enchanting and timeless. Even if they don’t know the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, most kids know at least one song from the 1989 movie.

Marvel’s Hulk

This giant green monster smashed his way into popularity with the recent resurgence of Marvel superheroes. Disney’s acquisition of the comic-publishing company means they can offer a costume to go with the blockbuster movies.

The Most Popular Disney Character Costumes For Halloween

Marvel’s Iron Man

Proving without a doubt that geeky is the new cool, Iron Man is another favorite costume choice from Marvel. The Armored Avenger is just, in the words of a nearby six-year-old, “super awesome.”

Honorable Mentions

Though not at the top of the bestsellers lists, Minnie Mouse, Princess Jasmine, Rapunzel, Buzz Lightyear (also one of the highest-reviewed outfits), Thor, and Captain America are also popular costumes. Frozen‘s Anna is quickly gaining in popularity, though the movie was released after 2013’s Halloween season: expect to see quite a few Princess Annas running around next October!


Of course, children aren’t the only people who enjoy Halloween. Though Disney doesn’t offer any adult-sized costumes on their website, other brands sell a selection of character costumes for teenagers, adults reconnecting with their inner child, and parents who just want to dress up with their kids. As with the kids’ costumes, princess outfits are at the top of the bestseller lists.

Snow White‘s Snow White

Disney’s first princess remains one of the most beloved; the iconic red, yellow, and blue dress is available from a variety of sellers.

Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle

Bookish but brave, Belle bewitched viewers, and her instantly recognizable golden ball gown is popular with adults.

Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Captain Jack Sparrow

Rakish, daring, and witty, Jack Sparrow is the pirate all men want to be (well, the pirate that a significant portion of men who also want to dress up for Halloween want to be). Captain Sparrow’s hat, with an attached wig, is the only adult “costume” (no, it is not a full costume) that Disney offers, aside from these Mickey Mouse hand gloves.

Harold Moore is a freelance writer based in Pasadena, CA. Harold recommends that those looking for Disney character costumes view the selection at Costume Express.

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