The world of work changes continuously, not only are we demanding more and more from our employees but we also want superior qualities and characteristics of these employees – and that’s just at the interview stage! Work is not the same as it used to be and we are seeing dramatic changes in both performance and technology, causing selection of potential employee’s key to a good workforce and organisation.

The Future

Lots of new technological advancements have cause businesses to revaluate the set of expectations and views they have of their employees. As the development progresses employees are going to have to start possessing these types of qualities, to not only get hired but to also get promoted:

Understanding Technology

This is something that is often harder for older individuals to manage, because the youth of the 21st century are brought up on laptops, computers, iPad’s and iPhone’s, therefore they already have the existing knowledge of how these thing work, their advantages and disadvantages. This is not necessarily technical expertise – but it is important for employees to understand the overall technology landscape and how it is having an impact on the way we work. This means by having their fingers on the buzzer in the online world, they will be able to recognise the latest trends, adapt and use the new technology to evolve ahead of your other competition.

Being Able to Delegate and Distribute Work Fairly to Other Employees

Traditionally, managers sat at the top of the organization and had access to all of the information required to make decisions. They give orders to employees to execute without question, however, managers should not be hoarding this information, instead sharing with employees to help make decisions instead of isolating them from this process. It not only give the employee more self-worth, value in the company but it also makes them feel cherished, this feeling will encourage them to be a loyal employee for years to come and give them incentive to strive to be the best they can.

Capability to Embrace Change

A new employee means new behaviours and new technologies; hiring a new employee should be a step forward in embracing new changes and growth within the company. Employee performance software is just one was to make sure your employee stay on track, this new software is a replacement for out-dated and tired appraisal systems. Employee will regularly receive feedback from managers, peers, suppliers and customers in order to ensure they are working at the best they can. This is just another way that technology is advancing every day and it is important to embrace the new changes and more importantly to run with them!

Being Self-directed

Now that employees have the ability to work from anywhere at any time, being self-motivated is crucial, as there isn’t going to be a manager observing your every move and reminding you to get back to work. This task should not be given to an employee lightly, a great deal of trust is being placed on the employee to complete set tasks. As a modern employee you must be capable of executing on your deliverables wherever you may be working.