It is always intimidating to head out to a new country in order to find work – especially if it is a country with a different mother tongue than that of your own.  Unsurprisingly, therefore, those heading from Italy to seek work in London face the prospect of not only the setting up in a foreign speaking country, but also one of the most competitive, crowded and chaotic cities in the world.

Of course, London is also a city filled with more opportunities than a thousand lesser cities and so makes a fantastic prospect for those with high ambitions and the desire to succeed. According to, more Italians than ever before are finding the jobs of their dreams and writing their own success stories both in London and across the UK. Not that this is the guaranteed result for everyone, but those willing to put in the necessary effort and commitment are usually rewarded along the way.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick overview of five simple tips from international recruitment experts on how to improve your own success rates if you are considering or are already seeking work in London:

Use Specific Resources and Agencies

First and foremost, there are various different types of recruitment agencies with the thousands of different job postings available across London, as an international applicant it is usually better to choose specific resources and agencies. These days, there are plenty of agencies that were set up and operated specifically for Italians seeking work in London and the United Kingdom. Not only are these the best resources to head to for helpful information and advice, but they often gain access to a wider range of jobs for Italian nationals that may not appear in any of the listings.

Enhance Your English Skills

The fact that you can speak Italian fluently is of course a blessing and will give you an incredible advantage over the competition for any Italian speaking jobs that become available. In fact, the only thing that may let you down along the way and sit you behind others in the pack is the fact that you are not an English native speaker. As such, while you are looking for work it is a good idea to fill your spare time by studying and furthering your English skills in order to help you out when the time comes. If you can bring your English skills up to scratch or better yet take them to a professional level, chances are you will actually have an advantage over most English people looking for work who do not speak a second language.

Contact Italian Companies Directly

One of the most important and effective strategies when it comes to seeking vacancies is that of remembering that there is more to life than the job agencies and recruitment companies on the web. Statistics show that the vast majority of available jobs as far as big businesses are concerned never in fact make it to such a point where they are advertised publicly. The reason being that as soon as the post comes up, it has already been allocated to somebody known to the company. As such, the importance of making yourself known to these companies is self-explanatory. Rather than waiting for the jobs to come to you, reach out to the Italian companies you are interested in directly. And if you do not know of an Italian company or you are not yet sure who you are interested in, carry out a little research, shortlist a few companies and reach out to them directly.

Speak to Restaurant and Bar Owners

Last up, if you are not looking to step into a specific area and are simply looking for work in London to get yourself started, one of the best things you can do is speak to the owners and proprietors of Italian bars and restaurants. It may sound cliché, and it may not be that you actually want to work in a kitchen, but it is worth bearing in mind that in some instances, these individuals or families may have been living and working in London for decades, perhaps even generations. As Italian nationals living in London, they may have the kind of inside information and insights needed to give your job-seeking prospects a real shot in the arm. And of course, there is always the possibility of them offering you a job or putting you directly in touch with somebody they know is hiring people like you.