Are there any jobs out there anymore that aren’t stress-inducing? Given the drive to “disrupt” all workplaces to appear up with fresh cardinal initiatives, amid added aggressive armament in a able-bodied economy, the acknowledgment is probably, “no.” But absolutely some jobs are still added demanding than others.

So which are the best stressful?, the job-search aperture site, has aggregate its account of the best demanding jobs for the fresh year, and abounding of the after-effects are hardly surprising. “Surely if your job is to assignment with IUD’s in Iraq, you apparently accept one of the best demanding jobs in the country,” Tony Lee, the administrator of, told AOL Jobs in an interview. “But jobs like actuality a soldier accommodate an adrenaline blitz that abounding workers seek out.”

But as Lee additionally recognized, accent can appear in any job due to alone affairs like a bad boss. “We attending at things that are out of the workers’ control,” he said. “And we apprehension abounding of the best demanding jobs are ones in which workers accept no ascendancy over their day. Jobs for which you can’t absolutely booty a Friday off for. You are accepted to do a assertive set of responsibilities, or someone’s life, or alike your own, could be in danger.”

See beneath for the 10 best demanding jobs of 2014. (Outlook is the advance in hiring in the area accepted by 2020, as projected by the BLS, which additionally provides the boilerplate bacon information.)

10. Auto driver

Median Salary: $22,820

Outlook: 20 percent

Find a job now as a auto driver.

9. Badge Officer

Median Salary: $55,270

Outlook: 7 percent

Find a job now as a badge officer.

8. Bi-weekly reporter

Median Salary: $35,870

Outlook: -6 percent

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7. Chief Accumulated Executive

Median Salary: $168,140

Outlook: 5 percent

Find a job now as a chief accumulated executive.

6. Accessible Relations Executive

Median Salary: $54,170

Outlook: 21 percent

Find a job now as a accessible relations executive.

5. Accident Coordinator

Median Salary: $45,810

Outlook: 44 percent

Find a job now as an accident coordinator.

4. Airline Pilot

Median Salary: $114,200

Outlook: 11 percent

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3. Firefighter

Median Salary: $45,250

Outlook: 9 percent

Find a job now as a firefighter.

2. Aggressive General

Median Salary: $196,300

Outlook: n/a

Find a job now as a aggressive general.

1. Enlisted Aggressive Personnel

Median Salary: $28,840

Outlook: n/a