In our growing global economy, travel jobs are deemed more attractive and desirable than ever. No longer is a job abroad viewed as primarily a summer job for younger people in search of fun. Jobs in the travel industry can provide a good salary along with beneficial cultural experiences. Most employees returning from working abroad describe the experience as one of the most rewarding in their lives. In addition, American employers are catching on to the benefits of hiring these employees.

“The growing global economy has produced a significant uptick in global travel,” said Jeff Bernett, marketing spokesperson for The Travel Academy. “This means that the demand for qualified travel and tourism employees also has grown. While Americans were once reluctant to seek employment overseas, more are realizing that there can be significant advantages to time spent working and living abroad. American employers have realized that having employees with significant overseas experience can be great for business. Frequent travelers, especially those who have lived abroad, are generally more adaptable and flexible, more tolerant of cultural, racial and ethnic differences and more knowledgeable of world matters.”

The Advantages Of Working In The Travel Industry

Depending on your skill set, there are numerous positions available in both the domestic and overseas travel and tourism industry. Your odds of being hired in the travel industry increase exponentially if you open yourself up to jobs abroad. Rather than seeking a position in just one country, you can consider a job in dozens of other countries. Do you speak two languages? Great. You are even more employable. Most jobs abroad will require two languages. However, even if you do not speak more than one language, it is always worth taking a look. Not all jobs require you be bilingual. Either way, there are plenty of travel and tourism positions out there.

Vacation tour companies often search for English speakers as well as bilingual speakers as holiday representatives and tour guides. Specialty subject knowledge further increases your marketability and likelihood of being hired.

Do you like to teach? Instructors can be in high demand abroad, whether as a teacher or as an instructor. Many K-12 schools or language centers seek English teachers. Resorts, especially during their high tourism seasons, search for diving, equestrian, yoga/exercise, tennis and golf instructors as well as nannies for resort baby-sitting. These jobs provide the perfect opportunity for specialty instructors to live and work overseas. Tennis and golf instructors tend to be in especially high demand during popular, summer destinations. Again, if you are bilingual you will be in even higher demand.

Employers back in the U.S. will regard your time abroad not as time lost on your resume and experience but as valuable experience. It makes you more of a well-rounded candidate for any position. If you were hired for your second language aptitude, then all the more. Working and living abroad also tells employers back home that you weren’t just adaptable to foreign environments, you also were responsible (and mature) enough to live away from your culture, family and friends.