There are quite a few trends in fashion boots for men for this season.

From traditional boots, to boots that are both practical and stylish, men fashion boots have a few surprises this season.

Here, we will talk about what types of boots promise to be big this year.

Lace-Up Leather Boots

We will also discuss what outfits to pair with these  boots with, as well as accents to look for on soles, heels, and more.

So, if you want to know how to make your own wardrobe (or the wardrobe of your partner) look spsectacular this year, read on:


Sorels are the particular name of a leather boot with a rubber lined exterior bottom-half.

First introduced in Canada, these boots are meant to be able to withstand any type of weather or terrain.

Because they are comfortable, stylish, practical, and durable, these boots make the top of the lit for must-have mens fashion boots for this year.

In other fantastic news, these boots go perfect with a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt. They could even pair well with a fashion tee and a pair of khakis.

Surely, sorels will make an appearance on the runways when the weather begins to cool down, and pesky snow and rain becomes the norm.

The rubber that these boots are lined does not only makes them warmer, but also makes them waterproof.


Although brogues were, for a long time, considered “county” shoes, but these shoes are quickly becoming all the rage on the catwalk.

And it is my boyfriend favourite boots now. These boots look like mutiple pieces of leather, stitched together. Look for brogue boots in a variety of colors.

Dark brown, contrasting black and white, black wingtips, or even blue brogue boots promise to be great styles to look for in mens fashion boots.

These shoes are comfortable, and their all-leather (or leather imitation) construction makes them very durable.

These shoes were first constructed to be worn in the British Isles, so no worries about getting them a little wet.

These shoes look totally in-place with your most modern suit just as much as they look great paired with a short suit, or a basic pair of khakis or jeans.

Unlike sorels, most brogues are short shoes, and you cannot tuck your trousers into them on colder days.

However, brogues still make a very smart option for professional, semi-formal, or formal wear.

Sorels are more appropriate for casual use, in most cases.

Lace-Up Leather Boots

Somewhat akin to brogue boots, lace-up leather boots have long been a classic mens fashion boots staple.

Leather is (as you can tell form this article) one of the most popular materials in the trend of mens fashion boots this year.

Look for lace-up leather boots in styles that resemble combat boots, and as varying styles like workboots, chukkas, or even brogues.

These shoes in unexpected colors or shades of leather, black and white styles, blues, oranges, or even with neon soles on the bottom, are sure to be some of the most popular styles.

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