There are some who may say that the vapers are usually curious people. They are habituated in releasing unending clouds of vapour like a dragon spewing smoke and they keep on changing endless number of devices every day to be able to create amazing plumes of vapor. Whenever you think of cloud-chasers, this is the image that conjures up in the mind of those who haven’t ever heard of electronic cigarettes. However, the reality is far from the truth.

Can you imagine the reason behind cloud chasers being seen in the form of most prominent vapers? Is it right to say and assume that the flamboyant ways of the vapers have damaged and tampered the entire industry? Let’s get to know more on this.

Vape mods and its visible vapour

The biggest explanation for the popularity of cloud chasers lies behind the clouds. The smoke-free people would be forgiven for passing by a team of vapers who are competing for making the biggest clouds and concluding that this is what most vapers do. However, it is rarely noticed that there is a ‘stealth vaper’ among regular folks as they mostly keep the fix to themselves. This mostly goes unnoticed. It is not likely that they will notice an office worker who can casually puff on to an e-cig once in a while. As there are estimates of 3.2 million vapers who successfully keep switching from smoking to e-cigs for the sake of their health, then why is a cloud chaser becoming the poster boy for vaping?

Cloud chasers and their social impact

According to V2Cigs, if you’re a newbie who has recently entered the vaping scene, you must have embraced the social media to check out what people of your similar position might be interested in. If you consider online, the most prolific vapers possess a certain image and they have got their own style of vaping. They’re never scared of showing off the tricks. They’re not just well-equipped but also confident.

Did the cloud chasers spoil the image of vapers?

There is always going to be a minority of people who spoil the experience of other people. In the world of vaping too, there are people who exhibit terrible manners and who often show disrespect to people around. However, the cloud chasers aren’t the only culprits here. It could also be said that the cloud chasers have earned a rather bad reputation for doing only what they enjoy. Where is the harm in doing anything responsibly?

Therefore, if you’re someone who is looking forward to becoming a vaper, you can choose the best e-liquids and e-juices according to the flavor that you prefer. With 0% addiction and smoke, prevent causing harm to your health.