Windows are essential parts of any house, not only in terms of overall aesthetics, but also for keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A beautiful, well installed window makes the house’s energy bills significantly lower, so replacing old windows is really a two-in-one investment. If you experience signs that your windows are not working as well as they used to, the depth of the problem depends on whether you just have to replace the windows themselves, or the frame as well. If the frame is rotten or has lost its shape, it is likely that the whole thing has to be changed, which will of course cost you more, even up to the double of the original amount (for just the window), but usually you can count with an extra of at least fifty percent.

The Home Renewal Guide: Window Installation

Sadly window frames constructed after the seventies usually have a much shorter lifespan, as the ones manufactured before that were most of the time made from solid wood, but you can test the condition of it yourself by poking it with a nail or a screwdriver. If it turns out to be easy to poke into, you should call a professional to check the real extent of the damage.


The amount of money you will need to replace your windows vary on a large scale. The difference between changing the windows only or the frames as well has already been mentioned, but of course the material and the quality of the new windows are also very important factors. It is useful to know all your options before getting the actual work done, including choosing the style of the window (double-hung, double-pane, tilt-out windows, casements, mullions, etc.) and its material (wood, metal, etc.). Also look around for potential extras you may want to include.

Keep in mind that big stores such as Home Depot usually don’t offer the best quality windows in order to keep their prices low, so if you are really looking for the highest quality, ask your contractor about your options.

The Home Renewal Guide: Window Installation

Choosing the Right Contractor

There are many companies offering window installation services nowadays, but not all of them have the experience and the expertise to do the job faultlessly. Always choose a contractor that has the right credentials and that offers free estimations. This way you can determine how eager are they to work for you and can also make a rough estimation of their capabilities and expertise. Make sure the contractor offers a safe work site, and also that the clean-up is in the contract, while don’t forget not to pay the whole amount of money in advance, always pay in installments according to how the project is progressing, in order to keep the contractor motivated. Always ask about the length of warranty offered for the materials as well.

Windows can make a Huge Difference

There are many reasons to install new windows once the previous ones are not working properly anymore, including aesthetic and practical ones, so it is really worth it to consider changing them once you experience the problems. According to many real estate experts, the windows (along with the doors) are one of the most important determining factors of a house’s resell value, so by installing new windows you may end up paying nearly nothing for those beautiful new windows, as all the money you have spent comes back in the growing value of your house. Observed this way, this is an investment that can be really useful for everyone, but especially for those who are planning to put their house up for seal in the foreseeable future.