Many a times we sit and scrutinise our home and view it from every critical angle… those curtains have got to go….that fireplace is just collecting dust….this wall is way too boring but we sometimes don’t know what to do with the house. Hiring an interior decorator is too expensive and if you go in for new furniture, you don’t quite know how to get rid of the old one.

You can use easy, simple and creative ideas with little things in or around the house to give your home a fast makeover that is just as easy to dismantle and will give your home a cheery vibe.

Here are a few ideas you could try:

Glitter Lamp

If you have lamps around the house that are never lit or are just being used as plain decoration pieces, this idea will surely change your mind and you won’t be able to get your hands off your pretty lamp.

All you need is glue in which you mix the glitter of your choice and you can dab that onto your lampshade with a paintbrush. Wait for it to dry fully and just watch it come alive.. You can either go with a classic gold or if you want you can match it with the color of the room and go for a glitzy pink as well.  It’ll bring a cool, retro look and you can even hang the lampshade from the ceiling and use it as a disco ball that will be the attraction of every party.

Easy Home Decorations To Uplift Your Home

Glow In the Dark Jars

This is a simple yet very pretty DIY project that will leave you breathless. If you love color you can use it around the house or if you want this is also a great project for the kids’ room.

All you need is a transparent glass jar. Next take some glow in the dark paint and with a paint brush just color in the sides of the jar from the inside. You can use either one color or a combination of colors and use them as random dots on the jar. Let this dry out completely and use your jars as glow lamps in the evening and watch the beauty come alive!

You can alternately try really small jars and hang them around for glow in the dark lanterns that will totally blow your mind!

Easy Home Decorations To Uplift Your Home

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Christmas Candles

This is not very different from the glow in the dark jars. You can again use glass jars but this time just mix some glitter in glue and dab it with a paint brush on the inside of the jar. Once it is completely dry, put a candle inside it and let the light glow and glimmer making it a pretty sight. These are great to gift as well and will work even better for holiday seasons like Christmas and Diwali.

Easy Home Decorations To Uplift Your Home

Funky Curtains

If you find your curtains too plain and boring you can add a touch of color to it yourself with easy accessories. You can use jute rope as curtain rings to give a rustic look to the decoration and likewise you can use colored or neon ribbons as well if you really want your room to pop with color.

Similarly you can use old necklaces with beads or rhinestones to use it to tie curtains together that will really give your curtains a great makeover and make your room come alive.

Easy Home Decorations To Uplift Your Home

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Fireplace Candles

In today’s time it’s rare to find a fire place that’s actually functioning and in working order. Be it the pollution or the hassle to arrange for coal and wood, it’s a bit of a risky business as well. The only fireplace we ever see working is that in the Salvatore Mansion with Damon or Stephan standing next to it in deep thought.

If your fireplace is just collecting dust, you can decorate it with colourful or monochromatic candles if you want to make it thematic. This will surely be safer than a roaring fire and will add a nice touch to the room. You can also use other accessories like pebbles and wood to really set the mood.

Easy Home Decorations To Uplift Your Home

With these easy and inexpensive ideas you can easily light up every room of your home to never make it boring ever again. This will surely make you look forward to coming back home at the end of a long day and see it welcome you back so warmly!