The heat pump is one part of the whole HVAC system. H refers to Heating, V refers to Ventilation, and AC refers to Air Conditioner. In principle, the heat pump is the part that transmits hot / warm air as part of the system for thermal comfort. The heat pump has a working principle of channeling heat from one spot to another. The heat pump is part of the coolness inside the house by sucking hot air from inside the house to then channel it out of the house. The most popular type is air-to-air. This is what is often found in the market.

The Heat Pump As One Part Of The HVAC System

There is certainly a reason why air-to-air is so popular. This type has high energy efficiency, even for certain brands; efficiency can reach 4: 1. There are reasons why certain forms are favorites. The type is more desirable because only with one system only, users can move from one mode to another mode. Another important parameter is “auto”. Yes modern users tend not to have the time to manually set their heating systems.

The HVAC system is a very popular system even by environmentalists. This system does not produce pollution that is often done by other systems. Other systems such as furnace and baseboard heating systems tend to be detrimental in terms of pollution and resulting efficiency. Even the US Department of Energy said in its official statement, the use of heat pumps with HVAC systems provides a better efficiency of about 50% compared to other systems.

Environmental Hygiene

Environmental hygiene is what became a modern lifestyle. We know that all this time the air in our homes is not really clean. There are so many pollutants, such as smoke, mold (in spore form), and dust that fly freely. This is caused by the absence of filtration system that allows air from outside the home (environment) to undergo filtering first. Various HVAC systems today provide a filtration process that is actually capable of reducing pollution levels so that the incoming air contains only the lowest pollutant levels. Homes, especially where children live inside, are advised to install a HVAC heat pump system.

Two systems are combined into one

The point is that most heating systems now actually have two working systems; Heating and cooling. The majority of them combine two systems with each having less space. The central heating system controls the cooling unit and all talk about the comfort.


We know that the HVAC system is very safe. HVAC products do not even release excessive heat so that the surface is safe to touch. You do not have to worry your kids are close to the machine, but why think about it? They can receive comfortable air without needing to be close to the system.

How to choose

This is a crucial part when you are about to become a HVAC heat pump user. You need to find as much information as possible on the Internet and it is necessary for you to visit some of the famous hot pump sites. One that we recommend is There you can find anything you need.