If your home could use another room for various purposes, consider renovating your attic. Unused attic space is often large enough to be converted into one or more rooms or areas. If the top floor of a dwelling is in decent shape, it can likely be refurbished in a timely and affordable way. Renovated attic space can be used to expand household living space for family members to use in various ways.

Smart Space: 3 Alternative Ideas For All That Attic Space

Extra Bedroom

Reformatting an attic into an extra bedroom can increase a home’s value. As a family grows, extra bedroom space can accommodate older family members or guests, and offers an out of the way sleeping area for kids’ slumber parties. It was also be used for storage and quickly transformed when guests come to visit.

Office Or Lab Space

A home office not only offers convenience for working remotely away from the office, but it also can provide a tax deduction. A tax accountant can explain how to organize documents and receipts to prepare for filing taxes. Repairs and renovations to a home office may possibly be deductible in future tax filings. A photo lab, art studio, or writing nook are other uses for this extra space, when converted. This makes a perfect getaway from the rest of the family to enjoy a personal hobby.

Entertainment Area

Attic space can also be renovated into a family room or entertainment area. Video games, board games, reading, or resting quietly are just some activities that can be enjoyed. Of course, television viewing, audio listening, or computer surfing are more ways to put this area to good use. An exercise room is another possibility. Depending on the selected purpose, some updates or enhancements may be needed, such as insulation, ventilation, or sound proofing. For those types of renovations, it may be advisable to work with professionals like Insulation Pro’s. They can provide a quote on the type of work to be done, as well as an estimated timeline and cost.

Attics can do far more than collect storage and dust. With a little planning and work, that unused space can be turned into a valuable addition to usable living space or a special area for hobbies and recreational pastimes. A tax break is always welcome, too. Give some thought to converting your attic to a fresh home addition.