The new movement of self-sufficiency is becoming more popular all over the country. Individuals understand how vulnerable they would be if a natural disaster should strike, or a terrorist attack should occur within their home territory. But you can worry less and become more self-sufficient by implementing just a few basic strategies. These four tips will ensure your family is prepared if the worst should happen.

Survival Of The Fittest: 4 Ways To Become More Self-Sufficient At Home

1 – Create A Garden

A garden is your best defense against rising food prices and sudden lapses in delivery of goods to your supermarket. Growing your own food can be a satisfying way to increase your self-sufficiency, as well as providing an interesting hobby for you and your family. You can learn the best ways to can or freeze-dry excess fruits and vegetables, so that you have an abundant source of food throughout the year. Choose whatever fruits and vegetables your family most enjoys. A bit of study and a few garden tools is all you need to ensure a steady supply of food for your family’s needs.

2 – Install A Well On Your Property

The nation’s water facilities are among the most vulnerable targets for terrorist attack. You can avoid an interruption in your water supply by having a well installed on your property. This measure will ensure your family has fresh water even if the public water supply is interrupted. The well water can also be a cheaper water supply for gardening, lawn maintenance and other activities. Professional organizations, such as Water Systems Council, can provide information on healthy water testing.

3 – Learn New Maintenance Skills

You can educate yourself to do a variety of home repair tasks, such as plumbing, carpentry, roof repair, window repair and remodeling. Many books and websites are available with detailed information that provides step-by-step instructions. Although you may not have previously considered yourself “handy,” you can quickly learn a number of critical skills that will allow you to be more self-sufficient in maintaining and improving your property.

4 – Use Different Forms Of Transportation

In times of disaster, your local gas stations may not have a supply of gasoline for your vehicle. Become accustomed to riding your bicycle instead of using your car. Encourage your family to walk more, which can help to save energy resources, and will improve the health of everyone in the family. When you must use energy-powered vehicles to get around, arrange a carpool or use public transportation, which uses less energy.

Becoming self-sufficient is a matter of developing new habits that allow you to live comfortably, but without the usual dependency on the wider society. These four strategies will help you to begin the process of learning to live in a way that doesn’t rely on the use of public facilities, and you will be ready for unexpected stops in service.