Aside from life Insurance, you may at first struggle to work out what other insurance policies you will need when you join the armed forces. Not having the right insurance if something were to go wrong could leave you in a terrible situation. If you make sure you have the right cover, then you remove any extra stress in an already stress filled career.


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Kit Insurance

When you join the Army, your kit is your own responsibility. If you lose parts of it, or it gets damaged beyond use, you can’t just stroll up to a kit stand and get a free replacement. On top of that, in the worst situations replacing your kit can cost thousands of pounds. If you take out kit insurance you remove this financial strain. Any kit that needs replacing is covered. It is important to note that good insurance will offer worldwide cover so kit can be replaced no matter where you are.

While it may not seem obvious, kit insurance can go beyond replacing items. If you get the best, it is also likely to cover you for any accidental damage to accommodation you may be staying in, while also offering cover for any household contents as well as the kit you keep with you.

Whilst kit insurance may not seem as important as other types of cover at first glance, skipping it would prove both foolish and costly.

Personal Accident and Injury

Personal accident and injury insurance covers you for any situation where you may have lost, or lost use of, a limb or other body part – including blindness. It is worth noting that this only covers you for permanent loss not any other damage.

The main benefits of taking out this insurance are that if you do suffer a serious life changing injury you are entitled to a lump sum initial pay out, and cover against the financial cost of living with your injuries. For example if you suffer crippling injuries which leave you wheelchair bound, you may need to remodel your house to be more accessible, and the insurance will cover you for that.

In recent years we have become all too well aware of the horrific injuries that are sometimes sustained by our service men and women. Serious accidents are an unfortunate risk that those joining the army take on when they sign up.  By not covering yourself for this damage you run the risk of making a terrible situation even worse.

Life and Critical Illness

While on the surface the nature of this insurance may seem self-explanatory, it is so important it has to be included. There may also be some details you are unaware of.

It goes without saying that life in the Armed Forces is dangerous and uncertain. Death is a terrible yet constant outcome of war, and it is always best to be covered for the worst eventualities. This insurance covers you both for a sudden death and for a sudden critical illness. Put simply, this means that if something happens to you, your family will be supported. They will be covered not only for the loss of income, but the mortgage on your property will also be paid off, removing that financial burden.

There is one critical aspect that mustn’t be overlooked when taking out life insurance. In this modern world many people stay unmarried from their significant other. While this isn’t an issue it does mean that the process is not as straight forward. In order to make sure your partner is covered it is important to ensure you have a will written out.

Hopefully this makes the process of insuring yourself after joining the army a little more straightforward. Skipping purchasing any of these types of insurance would be an unnecessary risk that could have serious consequences for you or your loved ones. Those who serve in our armed forces deserve the best; take these little steps to ensure you get it.

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