Even though, the international child abuse statistics is not accurate due to the fact that it is difficult to figure out all cases of child abuse out there, researches and discoveries have shown that, in recent times, the number of child abuse cases is rapidly increasing- US and the international statistics on child abuse. Discriminating another fellow based on religion, social status, gender, ethnic background and physical look is a different ball game.

Child abuse is a much worse case; child trafficking, sexual harassment, mutilation of the female genitals, child labour in its worst form, and other form of violence and oppression of children all over the world to mention but few. It is against this background that there is a public outcry by the general consensus everywhere all over the globe for the need to reevaluate the strategies to Children’s protection planning against this human inhumanity to man.

Adding to that, a critical look into the subject matter of abuse of children shows that is the product of corruption. Corruption here is used in the context of the power that-be, the be-all and end-all  dribbling themselves into political wilderness, especially in Africa to fill their pocket. Under this hood, the ordinary people get placed at the edge of the world. Here is where all the misery leading up to child abuse begins.

The uproar by the consensus for children’s protection planning is borne out sober reality to the suffering of oppressed and victimized children.

Why child abuse must be prevented in our society?

As the wise men have it, the passage of time is past and tomorrow begins today. In this context, children are tomorrow- the future. Tomorrow is a place. The quality of lives of the children today determines whether tomorrow would be a better place or not. Out of frustration, children who are exposed to violence and victimization, turn out to be the black sheep of the society; though family is the primary agent of socialization, you have the government to blamed for that.

When the government neglect its role to institute programs and laws that ensure good welfare of the ordinary people, parent become emotionally traumatized and they start to pay little or no attention to their children- they have neither a hand to hold or a voice to guide. The worse case scenario is parent transferring aggression to their children. Frustration start to set in. For the most part, abused children end up on the street as drug dealers, prostitutes and gangsters.

Among all other things, child abuse is a hydra-headed monster and it is eating deeply into the fabric of our society. Drastic measures must be taken to reduce it to the bearest minimum. Otherwise, without knowing, we would be inventing evil now and it will return to plague us all in the future. We have to do something now that we still can. The civil populace should work in conjunction with creme dela creme as well as the be-all and end-all to end child abuse and give children- our leaders of tomorrow a better life.