We are living in a world where children are lacking role models to ape. They are resorting to comic book characters like Spider Man and Super Man. The superheroes stand up for what is right in the face of opposition from the evil forces. Children would do well to learn from their lives and emulate them. However, these superheroes at the same time are also giving our children the message that it is required for a male child to be domineering to be a man. Similarly, females are taught to be timid and shy.  Parents would be very happy if their children found out role models outside of the comic book heroes. However, as things stand, this appears a distant dream.

5 planet superheroes custom products

Following are five products from the house of Planet Superheroes. Using them, our children will start inculcating their practices into their own lives.

Planet superheroes men multicolor fabric wallet

This multicolor wallet bought with Planet Superheroes discount coupons is modeled on the Simpsons.  Externally, it is made from satin while its internal surface is of canvas. Overall, the wallet has a glossy finish to it and therefore it looks royal in appearance. In its open condition, it measures 9” x 3.5” while in its closed condition it measures 4.5” x 3.5”. It is of the bi-fold type, which means that it can be folded into two parts.  Since it is based on the Simpsons series, it denotes the feeling of family and togetherness as promoted by the Simpsons series.

Planet superheroes graphic print men’s round neck white T-shirt

When wearing this T-shirt, you will show your admiration for your favorite character Dexter. This T-shirt is manufactured out of 100% cotton fabric, which means it will shrink after washing. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a T-shirt which is one size larger than your requirement. This outfit is suitable for western wear and is half-sleeved. It can be worn for casual occasions, as it does not have a collar round its neck portion. It is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and ultra-large. Boys who prefer to wear round necked T-shirts will like this T-shirt.

Planet superheroes back cover for iPhone 6

This back cover from the house of Planet superheroes can be easily purchased online using planet superheroes discount coupons. Made from 100% premium soft TPU gel gloss plastic, this cover has precise cut-outs at the right places so that you have easy access to all your cellphone functions. You do not need to remove the cover either to charge, to listen to music or to sync the phone. The cover imparts anti-dust properties to the phone and keeps it shining all through its life cycle. Most importantly, the cover protects your phone from scratches, bumps and every day wear and tear out of usage.

Planet superheroes avengers’ graphic print baseball cap

When you want to beat the heat while playing baseball, you will wear the graphic print baseball cap from the house of Planet Superheroes. This cap is black in color and is made out of cotton fabric. It has the ability to absorb your sweat. Additionally, it can be easily adjusted on your head using the adjustable straps provided at the back of the cap. Now, you can play baseball in broad daylight thanks to this graphic print baseball cap from the avengers stable. It depicts the superheroes avengers and therefore is rugged in nature, in keeping with the superheroes it depicts. Buy Sports Shoes for Men’s Online at low prices in India.

Batman-the Knight leather messenger bag

Measuring 15 x 12 inches, this unique messenger bag from the house of planet superheroes or Knights, represents the superhero Batman. Therefore, it is black in color and has the bat engraved on it. It has three full zippered compartments, which can be used to keep all your precious things. It also has a laptop padded sleeve which allows it to fit inside a 13 inches laptop. Its adjustable long strap gives it extra comfort when it is being handled. You need not worry about your shoulders when you are carrying your laptop inside your messenger bag as it has extra padding for shoulder protection.


Thus, we have seen how effective superheroes are as role models and seen five custom products from the stable of planet superheroes.