Do you love to play match-three games like Bejeweled or Letz Match? If you do, you must love Dsico Bees by Space Inch, LLC, which is also a beautiful and creative match-three game. As for me, match-threes has always been my favorite type of puzzle game. So, when I fond Disco Bees in the App Store, I couldn’t wait downloading and playing it. And I have to say that it is just beautiful and funny.


Disco Bees is built exclusively with Apple’s new SpriteKit game engine for iOS 7. So, I am sorry that the game is not playable on previous iOS version. Disco Bees has a great performance on graphics. You will see the cute bees in the game. You will love them more when they do their “waggle dance”. Well, all the animations work smoothly on the iPhone 5S. As for the background music, the game brings you cute yet funky music which makes you want to dance with the bees together. No matter visuals or sounds, the game is just enjoyable.

In Disco Bees, there are 6 six hives. Players got to match them up, fight the zombees and then collect honey to level up. The most important thing in the game is players need to create groups of like-colored bees in at least three in a vertical or diagonal fashion. And players only need to swipe in the direction that they want the bee to swap to make the match. It is worth mentioned that when you are lucky enough, you may meet the super bees. Players are able to get higher scores and create long-lasting combos by eliminating the super bees. Although the game mode is similar to the common match-three games, this time around, the match-up happens in the hive-shaped, kind of interesting!


In each stage, players will have the chance to get the super bees, though it will cost you money. Super bees will be available on other levels, but sometimes they are sleeping, so players need to wake them up to use them. In addition, in the game, various supper bees are available, such as ninja bees, boxing bees, ghost bees, etc.

Well, so far, I’ve been enjoyable with the game on my iPhone 5S. The game is simple and funny, the visuals as well as the music are great. But one thing that I am not so satisfied is the tutorials keep coming at the beginning, which is quite annoying. It is considerate though, to those who have been familiar with the rules, it is useless.


The current version of Disco Bees is only for iPhone. If you want to play it on iPad, I am afraid you have to wait.

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