It’s festival season again and whether you will be rocking out to the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, or braving the Scottish rain at T in The Park, these festival survival tips will ensure you can enjoy the music, have a great time and get back in one piece!

Tip number 1 – Don’t Trust The Weather Forecast!

Has the weather forecast been telling you that the weekend is going to be 30 degrees, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that, having packed nothing but skimpy shorts and tee shirts the heavens will open in all their glory, turning the entire site into a slippery mudbath.

I’m not sure if it’s possible for it to snow in July, but if there was anywhere that was capable of doing it, it would probably be a festival!

So, make sure you pack to allow for different weather conditions. Waterproof ponchos are great as they take up very little room and can be thrown on to protect you from the elements. And don’t forget those festival favourites – good old wellies. If they are good enough for Kate Moss…

Tip number 2 – Don’t Forget The Suncream

On the off chance that the weather forecast was right, make sure to pack sun cream. You will be out in the open for most of the day and exposed to the sun, so if you don’t protect yourself you can end up badly burned.

Wearing a hat is also recommended!

Tip number 3 – Don’t Bring Too Much

If it ain’t essential, leave it at home! Remember, you will be leaving everything you are not carrying around with you in your tent all day and unfortunately festivals can be a target for thieves.

Tip number 4 – You’re Not Going To Look Your Best

No matter how naturally beautiful you are, 4 days of camping without access to hair straighteners and your beauty cupboard are going to take their toll. So don’t fret, everyone is in the same boat!

Biggest problem for a girl can be her hair, which can end up matted and greasy, so think about getting your hair put up before the event in a style which will stay in for the duration. You might also want to go for a set of clip in extensions, which you can take out during the day and then put in at night to glam it up in the camp site!

Tip number 5 – Bring wet wipes

Trust me on this, if you’ve ever used a festival toilet, you’ll thank me!

Tip number 6 – Go easy on the alcohol

Enjoy yourself with a few drinks, but be careful not to overdo it, particularly if the weather is hot. You don’t want to end up sick in your tent and miss the music!

A good idea is to drink water in between alcoholic drinks as this will keep you hydrated, sober(ish) and help to avoid nasty hangovers.

Tip number 7 – Stick together

99.9% of people at festivals are just there for a good time, but unfortunately whenever there are so many people in one place there will be a few trouble makers. Stick with your friends and don’t wander around on your own, particularly late at night. Make sure you plan a meeting point, where you can meet up if you get separated.

Tip number 8 – Enjoy yourself!

Festivals are amazing fun, so relax, let your hair down and listen to some great music. You’ll be paying through the nose for burgers and beer and you might get a bit muddy and wet, but so what? These are times you will remember for the rest of your life so enjoy them!

So, that’s 8 festival survival tips for this Summer to ensure your weekend hits all the right notes. Rock on!

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